Freshard & Stanley Brinks

If you like a to embrace world music  & understand the importance of celebrating different cultures then  I’d definitely recommend Stanley Brink & Freshard.

If you like Tequila sunrises then  this is the kind of gig I’d recommend going to go.

Natural Born story tellers & Travellers & Chanteuses.

Stanley Brinks ( André Herman Düne)  was born in Paris. His lyrics & overall laidback vibe  conjures up feelings about the need for a balanced society who recognise the limits of capitalism & voices a necessary voice for the pros of living with a more socialist outlook ,in terms of  the sub culture & influence it has  on the musical  community

  • Socially
  • Politically
  • Pure entertainment

Music & culture is only good as the people.


Stanley Brinks has  lived and travelled to Berlin,Malta & USA

He has recorded over 100 albums under various different moniker names.

He has  collaborated with the New York   anti folk under ground scene.

This is the second time I’ve seen him collaborate with  the cheeky, pure vocals of Burgundy,France Clemence Freshard, Her effect is to capture the rooms attention (with a ukulele , bass guitar ) ,a day dreamer who knows what a good dose of reality feels like.

These are  necessary voices in the music scene


They highlight the importance of embracing all cultures, keeping an open mind & keeping a level head  if we are to understand the balance linked with  the economy climate  shifts & the impact  it has on  cultures infographics


A Live gigs with down to earth people ,impromptu nights, going with the flow turned into a  great night an anti establishment ,non violent protest to enjoy music without boundaries.

They allow moments to indulge in nostalgia  whilst inviting an audience to question the world we live in.

Check out their new album on Bandcamp



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