Floating points anasick modular -rough draft observations 1


Moduliser -mainupalteer

Violin lends emotional integrity and soul to the piece.

It’s haunting- Edward is the man who takes me to another untopia with metaphorical props.

Bass reverbs – there are lows * highs – A song that is hyo manic at times.

Bag pipes?

His background is clasdocaly trained pianist wh enjoyed playing improvisational pieces.

He presses buttons & comes out with dope music.

There is a bit of jungle & garage in this track.

It’s futuristic yet Baroch

Just listen.

The title of the song seems about spoardiac Transforamtion –

In terms etymology

Ana – Arabic for “reaching full maturity”.


Modular – Two separate units can replace the other — it has a classic composition with improvisational sporadic moments of overlapping into different compositions of sound Modular music is music that originates from the combination and overlapping of different compositions one over the other. The compositions —also called modules— are written by one or many different composers in different moments.

Could the title be inspired by Anna 0. who started the pyschoanalys movement ?

Freud wrote  extensive articles about Anna O’s  various maladies -Eating disorder etc. were pyschonalyitical not neuropysical.

Edward is a neuropyschilgist .ana later became dependant on drugs. She became sick

It’s a song that takes you to many states * moods –

THis is a researcher /dective dream song g

It encomasses most of my moods & thoguhts in one song.

The stream of consciousness improvisational elements /genres over lap to create a mood I dare you to go.

LIst of what she was diagnoised with

I don’t know if the title of the sing is linked to Ana being sick or not. I’m just making an observation. I love how Edward uses visuals to confound as many senses as possible

Liivng with a lack of sense -one – is a blessing & a curse.

Most theiories beleive that Freud’s diagnosis & BRAERS WERE incorrect.

Modularity of the mind

Evolutionary psychologists propose that the mind is made up of genetically influenced and domain-specific[4] mental algorithms or computational modules, designed to solve specific evolutionary problems of the past.[5] Cosmides and Tooby also state in a brief “primer” on their website,[6] that “…the brain is a physical system. It functions like a computer,” “…the brain’s function is to process information,” “different neural circuits are specialized for solving different adaptive problems,” and “our modern skulls house a stone age mind.”

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