Truth bloom

a strewth sleuth of truths

Twice told

Only one to realize

They lied to is


Grappled thoughts hazed out of all sincerity

Twice them gamblers cast away all integrity

A dire dice reveals fear & loathing tosser going for a price

Lost to waging another wank with nirvana.

Times now?

Perhaps thrice.

Witness these winners

Outlining unspoken words

ratified a squeaky line of cheese


A meta-more selfish imitable of an Ovidian


Sniffing bloody bursts of betrayal

A mass

Carcass cordoned off by pissing yellow tape.

Not a John Doe – Fate confirms

But your own star crossed lover.

Two tall tale tellers serve hyperbole on the gossip scene —

Two punks who ain’t true to punk for the right reasons.

Caricatures emulate the shadow of these

Proud louts.

Halve these egoistical errors-

Blunted knives

These Terrorists

clothed in night sheets — stark nude

Wanton to retire for a brief interlude

A lie


Sleuth blooms an alternative truth.

Hooked on Floating points & this video is autumnal in the mood. #goatbahs

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  1. that video was amazing 😄 hope you and your fam has been well ! 🌱

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    • I know, isn’t it just? 😀 we are well. Thanks . How are you?

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      • not bad, trying to come up with a plan for leaving the east coast a while. would like to visit Bristol where those my trip hop music artists started 😋 thinking about being a nurse or med tech, going back to school. you were doing grad school, right? are you done? 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

        • Bristol, you say? One of them doesn’t go by the name Hessian, does he? lol. I’m having a years break & focusing my energies on honing in my academic writing, being a mom… Life stuff, haha! I managed one year. So, one left to do. I feel pulled in so many places. Uni, work, family..Great to catch up with you.

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