Padam to tags

This ain’t my home
the carpet absorbs too much memory foam
Screams bubble from that bath without a familiar odour
Eerie eue de cologne

when we write freestyle we practice the art of being Kosher
Them lot are raised in Yorkshire lives on a sofa
The other
Bish boshes a meal
Low enough for the tokoloshe to tickle your feet
A modern-day poacher

Padam Padam
This is how to learn carefree origami or to crochet
One needle & a free hand
makes me a multitasker boaster
I can barely use a toaster​

This rhyming​ thing is starting to sound Amish​
wi fi free fantasies in Kansas​ with Dorothy on tarnish
Toss your pride
Lay down your courage as a garnish.

The wind​ in slippers
Ruby rubs of blisters
Wrap up cos the due to unforeseen circumstances​
We have to cancel – Hurricane watch
With a dose​ of kippers. ​

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