Chapelier Fou

Todays artist is goat because it is a song that helped get me through many weeks of feeling discombobulated after my last suicide attempt in March 2018.

It is by Chapelier fou- literal translation – Madhatter.

 It makes me feel at one with nature. A song comprised of animal sounds just epitomizes the word ‘kewl’.

I’m always happiest listening to birds chirruping and watching them flying in the sky.

I’ve been listening to it since it came out on my hype machine feed in December 2017. I will write something to give it justice to how it makes me feel.

It’s hauntingly melodic.

Swingy and a dose of good medicine just a spoon full of good music makes the misfits madder than a hatter.

If you like what you hear check out these two tracks too. pure bliss!

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