It takes one


Well, more like a teeny show and tell.

First, a picture/quote, if I may?





‘Not only do they still colour ,I know your Mama said no playing with Fire;
but melted crayons- create wax.
Wax and vinyl  a bit of funk and soul- create music.
Music brings hearts together.
Hearts all bleed the same colour.
The last time I checked we all have one.
Learn to Live and Love and Forgive.
May your soul be filled with peace and be happy.’




I am obsessed with this new series.

The Get Down.



It has soul, funk, wax, vinyl, Afros,disco balls, Cadillacs , good music, comedy, great editing, great acting, dialogue, sexiness and  drugs  ( when it was still cool cos we didn’t know any better) and that kind of shizzle….

I’m in love with the Wordsmith- well my  inner teenage self is.  There are so many traits of his I want to blend with a character I am working on, in my creative writing studies.

 In the second episode:Flash &the fantastic four (plus one) are Inspired by  one of the   hottest D.J. mixers, in Manhatten, has to propose before he will teach them more about  learning to mix music, on two turntables, and get all scratchy ( it is set in the  late 70’s era ) –

They have 24 hours to figure out what a purple crayon has to do with mixing music that even today, still, inspires  the global music culture .

Shout outs and expressing my gratitude  to follow in my next post/s.

Sunday, We are heading to Scarborough on the coast of England -somewhere.



This is my happy dance ‘cos let’s face it I am 100% QUACKERS!

I will make No apologies.






  1. Hey quackers one! I’m quackers too 😉 I thought you’d taken your blog down as I couldn’t find it but thank goddness I have now. I love that crayon quote. You and me are both crayon breakers. Reading this post makes me want to come back to blogging, ahhh the good old days. Enjoy Scarborough Fair 🙂 xxxxx I miss you so much X lottie


    • Elo my twin- no WordPress has been giving me grief- Don’t let one skittle bug stop you from doing what you want to do babes. Lessons are there to be learned. Lets make a future. New blogging experiences xxx miss u too xxx

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  2. Great post, Daisy you are a true inspiration and a good friend a great person. Thanks to your kind words I found it in myself to write positive encouraging pieces. To motivate others and I at the same time. Still get sad at times but I still write a positive poem to keep uplifting myself. I thank you for that my dear friend have a great weekend big hug blessings and kisses

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    • Morgan, my sweet friend. I try and focus on your positive posts not because I don’t understand or want to hear your pain. I want you to find happiness. I believe if we focus on the positives in our life things will get more positive. Of course, we all have sad /bad moments and writing about those too is crucial and needs to be done. When I read how sad you are -I don’t want to go ‘oh that is so beautiful, your pain makes you a great writer! you must always write about pain .’ I have seen poems that you have written from another side of pain and they are just as beautiful – different. Inspiring. Empowering.

      Always write for you and that is what I sense you do anyway. I just like to hold onto your positive moments too. Life is hard. People break our hearts in so many different ways – the world can get ugly. Emotions and self-expectations of where or what or who we should be or look like are placed so high. It’s okay to be sad. It’s a normal emotion. I support you in your pain and I support you in your other emotions. xx

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