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Caleb  Alexander is a serendipitous find. My writing in ‘the willows’ can mainly stream of consciousness.

Foremost, he is a poet who combines a fusion of spoken word and experimental, ambient sounds to invoke a critical engagement.

So since  I discovering Caleb’s work  I’ve been intrigued. He injects spoken word poetry into his electro-nu wave intelligent, thought to provoke EP.

Prophet pariah is a deep and thought-provoking narration and composition about Alexanders analyses of Feminism and Mother and The need to respect the idea of equality is remarkable and profound.

He is not afraid to experiment with fusing genres of music and spoke wood.  From hard bass-  to chilled out electro.

“I think everyone needs to find a creative outlet. It’s so fulfilling to get completely lost in something you become passionate about. It’s [creating the EP] almost all I have been thinking about lately. It’s hard to focus at work. It’s hard to focus on grad school. (don’t worry anyone, I can manage my time). My point is that I hope everyone can find something they are that passionate about. I’ve never been that passionate about watching Netflix (even though I do love a good Netflix sesh). The only thing that surpasses this for me is love, and nature. Go make something guys, get an adult coloring book, make your own beats, learn an instrument, take a pottery class, finger-paint, whatever. ”  -Caleb Alexander


Its a track that always makes me smile .It shows how creativity should be.

Almost spontaneous and playful. Word association is a powerful tool too excesise the creative muscle.

check out Caleb’s EP pushing the low fi ,phylisopohixcal ambience into an another astral plane.


Genres of musicElectronic: AmbientMoods: Mood: IntellectualSpoken Word: Poetry

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