I can’t put roots down in a home that feels alien to me. I blank out my world. I dread the familiar haunting of this abode called my home.

How it represses me and chokes me. Yet,I  come back to it like a castrated  casualty of  Love’s wars . Conditioned to part my lips  for misery….

Misery is the strangest bed fellow.

Assumes multiple  faces.

Finds solace in one;

 then toys  the  mind into  trickery.

Absolute in believing the worst.

The quest for inner happiness is insatiable.

Risqué  life impulses

hover to the centre;

reflective to reveal the self


Truth becomes lethargic to express.

Denial in a tangible form is easy to confront.

 Fluid is Something

a perpetual change in reason or emotion won’t be summoned into entertaining with a mere  appearance.

Who really has it together?

The innocents shake up this  universe.

People’s culpability to  surprise succeeds in frequent currents.

Inner warfare barely contains the raw diet of pain -self inflicted.

faltering  when an impromptu  glimpse outlines  Guilt  slack at the  shoulders.

How to  do better?

How do we balance every eventuality

From the withstanding  of  spirit, affection, care free joie de vivre?

to never waiver  to  out compromise  sacred boundaries.

A crave to fly

Be at liberty to roam and murmurate with free agenda.

Yet acknowledge the  need for  the skies and physics reminder  of my limits.

To reveal the divine order that is Nature.


Uncomplicated preambles, snapshots of existence;

must respect


staggering through the wilderness, a  heart-

beating… though composed of wood.

Daedalic  to the fracas of life.

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  1. Spectacular write 🚬


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