Trouble brews

If all is fair in love and war…

Is it fair to compromise  our loyalty in the name of Freedom?

Or to give up our freedom in order to remain loyal?

Where were these words when we are at the culminating   breaking point?

Sir cliff


Off that jagged little edge.

Peering over


Not wanton to reabsorb the welts and bruises from  impact of jumping off   …


A random theme in a random musing .

This  time it lusts to be free to not care .

Not  have wanton thought or empathy for fellow man.


To think  abashed at succumbing to  a  heinous lifestyle.

The choices we make are presented with.

The sudden  momentum that propels us …

…to this particular incision

Slam. Breath vaporizes.

Another mist to reflect our own wasting existence.

Face to face  with the iced  reflection of a  far gone,  beget  Doppelgänger.


 Climate change .

A theme

A random musing swathed in  soggy, absorbent   cotton-wads of self .

clammy and over indulged on globules of self gloating

Eery sightings hint at snickets pregnant with  symbiotic goaders.

Absorbed in the nothingness but the dampness that threatens…


must extinguish the fire.

It needs to be extra-communicated .

Vanquished to the pits of  initial inception.

For once the ires  glow;

The over


The hidden depths have all too late

 Been proven to react to our  passions zeitgeist.

*Feeling frustrated and boxed in creatively*

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