Mononome is back with this track-Sheran

I have fallen for the Arabian -opera  fusion adds  a  textural backdrop to the soundscape

Weird fact mononome is of Armenian origin and relates to numerology.

I’m unable to find the meaning of the Greek producer and Artist of the same name.

Thought of the day

Life is short. Yes, it is but then again – so is my fuse. 😉 Don’t let the stressful moments blow your world apart, or your mind. Blow cool to chill and enjoy.

We don’t know what is waiting on the other side of life unless we have a firm belief. An absolute.

I prefer to keep an open mind. That’s why I relate to the most obscure plethora of music genres

I take great pleasure in exploring new sounds, sounds that are not perfect. Experimental creative sounds that aren’t 100% perfect.

Certain songs I listen to usually give me a better appreciation for the songs when I’ve jada chance to engage & talk to the artists about their works and lives even. force me to take notice and engage critically.



I’ve recently come across an artist who I’ve followed on twitter for a while I guess. our paths crossed coincidently.  I prefer to use the words a meaningful coincidence- Synchronicity. 6GMAG clicked on a random Youtube video I’d posted & we started talking about music, life, struggles, COVID, motivation, regret, inspiration & mental health issues.

He isn’t ready to do a feature & that is his choice. I will be as authentic as I can writing about him and his music whilst maintaining his privacy.

His stories, snippets, messages inspired me to appreciate his music more because I understood where he had been and is and what he is focusing on.

Great news to hear how he is  back in the studio creating music with a self condifence that he could create without certain negative bandmates, disrespectful  rappers in his life.

Small words grow into letters, speeches, musings, poems, diaries, thoughts, conversations, essays, books, blog posts, articles and whatever the limit you put on your dreams!


Don’t fear clouds; don’t have woe about fear of sunshine -look at your flow. Check your moves and step up and get down with your own boogie. Blame the vibes on your boogie It’s all good.

Thursday’s child came from the willows, loved Daisies and surrounded herself with goats,wild misfits and cool music vibes – feeling silly


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