Johnny K got bills

Today I’m feeling this song, because I’m working and trying to make some money to get by. Aren’t we all?

I do plenty of scouring the web to find original music that makes me feel.

Today I’m feeling poor…. but only in my wallet.

Ha ha!

I’m hopeful..

all is not lost. It may seem corny but I could be worse off.

Couldn’t I?

If you could see the balmy weather in the U.K. at the moment, you would want to holiday here.

It seems as though the clouds are too warm to breeze by. They are chilling and forming shapes.

They could be dancing to this tune with me.

This is a soulful track, a johnny K remix, with a blend of breaks with a killer saxophone intro that gets you humming along to the lyrics in no time.

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  1. I guess we are all doing same thing Daisy, trying to get by and not end up with empty pockets😀. Enjoy the sunny weather while it lasts 💞

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    • GOATS2BDazee

      Ha ha! !🤔😣🙄. I guess it’s easy to forget that we aren’t alone. It’s good to see you on here again. All the best, Eddaz x

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      • Thanks Daisy..good to see your posts once again💖

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        • GOATS2BDazee

          It’s been a while. I think I’m finally getting order in my life. How have you been ? Your blog looks Great!

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          • Definitely been a while 😁 you know I I got married and I couldn’t write a thing, couldn’t even open my blog like something happened to me I couldn’t explain 😁😁. I’m glad you’re getting order in your life, we surely need it in this crazy world. I decided to give my blog a new face after being away from too long. Thanks dear💞❤


          • GOATS2BDazee

            Married! Oh my hat…. 🤔🤗 congratulations. Oh, it’s great to put such a cool life event to someone on here. Hey, change is really good. Someone once likened creativity and writing to data uploading and downloading. It takes time to do it. Your poetry is on point again. Proves your talent is still there 😉 I’m not on here daily
            I’ve just been through a divorce 😂 Don’t worry! It’s all good though. I’m thrilled to bits for you. I hope your day was every bit as dreamy as you wished it to be x

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          • Oh I’m so sorry to hear about your divorce but I’m glad you are good, life happens and we just have to move on and be happy. Thanks for the good wishes and compliments. Hope to read more of your posts cause I love them😉💞

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          • GOATS2BDazee

            Thanks so much for all That! Yeah.. onwards and upwards. I’ll defo see u on here. Have a great week!

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          • Have a great week too😉

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