The get by

Writing to get by

It’s that or sudden death – I merely exist or throw myself off gullibles bridge.

Splat –

Acme would own up to my incredible fuck ups blowing out trails of smoke.

Enticing my inner bloke to forget about the matriarchy and live off some clean toke.

It’s not important what we type or write about.

It’s survival for me that I spit these words out.

I can’t rap – Maybe one day – I’ll be in a head space

you know me meeting up where its at.

Until then I”ll write to recover,

Remind at least one other –

Yes we have to live in order to die

Die in order to live

Our mistakes

Our successes

are us merely being human.

Master piece this is not.


my stream of consciousness shakes up a nest of serene syndromes.

It’s all making sense – typing ,doing what I know instilled in me.

A teeny bit of common sense

We have it rough

we have it smooth.

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