Scape Greatest Of All Time

A response to not conforming in line with others.

I am not afraid to speak up for myself.  Jesus wasn’t the most loved person in his time ;).  – I’m not Jesus,  It seems an apropiate thing to state in this context.

I am different,

I am  not afraid to stand out and I’m not afraid to stand alone. I am not afraid to have fingers pointed at me. I  won’t keep quiet so others can feel comfortable.


UNTITLED WORK 2. (running time 02. 40 min) LISTEN HERE

This is what I received from a family  member this morning .

‘Help, my Natasha find her way back to you. she has strayed off the path a Lord. Don’t let the Devil get her Lord. She is a child of yours too.’

Putting the box in Boxing Day ( sarcasm)

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