Pulp Estate

The best way to get through rough times is to be creative.


It’s not Saturday and I’m feeling non-conformist. I guess its kind of my way.

Haven’t done much this weekend β€” except nursing bruises, swellings, scrapes and downright painful blisters on the mouth.

I’m fuming.

The lows of last week found me beaten to a pulp like a survivor from a war jump.

Didn’t get no gangrene or scurvy dying on a rowboat at Dunkirk on sheets of ice.

Spinning around not a La Kylie Minogue mode.

I’m over the worst of the beating-

I “secretly” hope these two bastards get their come( t)uppence.

It would be easier to get high and escape from the downside-

Look out my window and the skyline is blocked by housing estates.

Crumbling – it’s always a better view at low tide.

Three a.m. wake up calls for months-every time.

The creative freaks come out so, I suppose I’m in good company and I will be.

just fine. πŸ˜€

Physical strength is the only thing that let me down in this fight against the Alphas.

If guns were legal I think I would use the second amendment to plea β€”




S.ierra –

Give at least one of the limp cocks a belter.

Only one would be laughing β€” this bruised weed β€” always making sure her brood is out of the firing line;

Standing in the shelter.

Ballroom blitz and shammy with my king.

Oh how we will dance!

β€” cowards should carry around organ donor cards.

On second thoughts, who would want the innings of someone who can’t fight to their Β own strength β€”

Run little boys to your Audi and drunk mommy-

The one you beat up on a regular basis.

You think this is a female annihilation version of the crusades?

I’m low not in mood but my body says β€” sit down and feel your boo boos

My head says life is for living.

I don’t want to walk out of my house,

like a beast or looking like a victim of domestic violence-

Here comes the freak in an endless hued complexion of distracting tutus

The highs are the times when I hear my child laugh, my husband he bathes me and kisses me tenderly,

loves my sense of spirit when I look bloody unsightly.

In truth I look hideously ghastlyβ€”

Green beans and asparagus β€” home made by La Bonne chef, ma Mere.

I struggle to eat more than ever, but I won’t let two stomped out cans put me off the future horizon I’ve cut out β€”

The scenic view from here is a β€” plethora of orgasmic sight sees.

Lows inevitably come with highs.

I’ve accepted a hand

taken that step off the top roof.

The next time I’m up their , I’m going by lift.


To dance and rub shoulders with people channeling the same level β€” hearing a sub woof.

Clearly better days ahead.

Wasted time on talking pin heads.

Its fine, its mine, Its life.

Yesterdays news is on current recycle mode.

This Mary Poppins has already started making UP fresh linen beds.

A break from the toxicity of incurable idiotism β€” helps me see far up the winding road.

Perspectives easily imagined β€”

There goes a heavenly striking stair case.

It may not lead to a conventional heaven .

I’ve already stated my unorthodox ways right at the beginning .

I missed the word that rhyme ending three sentences up,

So, I’ll close SOCs by stating:

I’m recharging my load.



  1. OMFG WTF. I am so sorry this happened to you dear friend. I hope you have the police and a lawyer involved. This is awful. I hope you aren’t hurt to badly. Pieces of shit. Where’s a lynch mob when you need one?

    Liked by 1 person

    • No police I know one of the guys and my husband wouldn’t take him out. The other guy I’ve never seen in my life before. The guy that punched me on the side of my face- is meant to be a non violent peaceful man. In his drunken state he assumed he could treat me the way he treats his alcoholic mother. The guy that ended up breaking my nose was taking a film of us and taking the piss out of of my drunk mate and me trying to get him to come inside his house. After ex friend punched me . I approached the guy and his posse ask g them to stop filming. They were being assholes. Winding me up. I said I’d take their phone away and that’s when I got knocked out. My ex mate only helped me when I finally stood up and said – is that all you have? Blood was pouring from nose. As mate managed to get me in his house. Apologised for hitting me. I was in shock and had had a couple of glasses of prosecco. I wanted to go to a&e but he was against it. He said I would be fine. I didn’t want to tell my husband so I slept over at this person’s house and then went back to before my daughter woke up. Sorry about the typos. It’s a messed up situation and it’s not acceptable. People may go what did I do? I must have done something to deserve This? No one deserves to be assaulted. They are savage thugs. Include g the ex friend. He didn’t even come by to see if I was Okay, not a text nothing. Bad man. I’m done try I g to help him and be there for him. Sorry just gone on a rant ha ha

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  2. Crikey! Luv! These guys need a ‘hiding’….real thrashing…..Hopefully, you’ll not allow this to ‘pass by on the other side’. Phew!!!☹☹
    Hope you are soon recovered…completely! Sending you……Healing Love and Hugs! πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ˜˜

    Liked by 1 person

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