Puppet in Distress

Puppet in distress

Done jigging to the maestro player -thinking all can be forgotten with one caress.


Puppet in distress

 Dancing to the hollow bark of wood to entertain 50 shades of Halifax’s easily ho- hummed guest.

Puppet in distress

Strings attached by words  signed sincerely your god bless


Puppet in distress

 care to cut strings and retune to your idea of finesse?


Muppet in a mess

calls upon the one who responds with exotic prowess.


Muppet in a mess

commands a court of clowns.

leave it to march to its own goal without making it digress.


Muppet can’t confess

Puppet forced   to bake an Eaton mess.


Lunatic moody spell of loneliness forced on puppet attempting to evolve into a breathing life force.

Heart in full beat.

Victorian smirks  – conceal the lure of lust on heat

Dirt lies on a floor in a heap in full defeat.

Barely like the day it conformed to the necessity of sucking its mama’s teat.

Shallow grave digger in demand

Take your boorish rudimentary games on a scam timeshares, camping holiday with your imaginary friend one

 spoon stirrer twat from a council estate

thinks peaches are organic when canned.

Humour lost when the smiling mug lost a handle – this unfortunate series of events was not planned.


Puppet has a grip on reality

Muppet hide or speak with integrity.

Observes the matter of the one speaking about a raw paw -urban jungle patois.

Allow a Feminist chancer to equalise the score.

Voodoo doll pinned down -preparing for a hysteria- ectomy.


  Tree pines pins and needle for lost comrades hiding away in shadows when its own self-belief fled.

Dangled carrots  have less value than Congo natives begging on bended knee

Underestimate the value of one true pulse – a sudden rush of blood to the head.

clear signal you banged egos with the puppet  mans a red fire


well before this species woke up naked in a carnivorous hermit crabbed.

Contradictory mixologist – king Loui Armstrong – one of a kind – mans belly not been fed.

Stop expecting organic honey from this flower – she demands  respect- make up your mind – stays or let’s leave it with

I’ll  see you in the  wind 

Treason over your feudal system.

cover yourself in  haze of the ghetto inhabitants  blasting out

there goes  another lost soul walking with 


*Inspired by a chat with  my  hair dresser mate  and ‘I wanna be like you’ Jungle book and life.









About Daisy Willows

'Words are my everything' - Jon Wayne . A writer of poetry, stories, stage scripts, fiction, border line poetry & freestyle works, Music reviews, Guest Features/interview & shout outs. She is also passionate about raising anti-stigma & awareness for Mental Health. A trained co-facilitator in Wellness Recovery Action plan by Mary Ellen Copeland Natasha goes by many moniker names-Daisy Willows, bahtuhkid, GOAT2Bdazee. She has had a colourful life. Travelled. Natasha co-owns a second-hand clothing & accessories business -La Bella Bijoux Ltd Natasha was born in South Africa & is a French national. She currently resides in the UK Natasha Bodley holds a postgraduate in the Humanities. A BA in Myth in the Greek and Roman worlds & Advanced creative writing. She also holds a Foundation degree in Acting performance. She is currently working on her first novel (semi-autobiographical creative non-fiction). She has published one short story on Amazon called 'Number one' Connect with Natasha Collaborate with Natasha & feel free to Communicate her too. Light, Peace & Love!

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  1. Daisy – Love your words and each line – positive inspirational!

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  2. Love the ‘inspiration’ behind the piece! Hugs! ❤

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  3. Hey john.. happy 4rh of july


  4. sugar be sweet
    and my sweat
    tastes of zinc coppery amonia like smells
    i can tell this day of freedom
    at your country s expense
    is well hell
    a fucked up situation
    and my lover
    tho we do not touch our genitals
    under cover
    i feel the pains
    of the main
    of this modern
    viral karmatic daze

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  5. J’adore !!! Daisy is very different !!!
    Belle soirée à toi

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