Discourse Intercourse

Black sheared sheep – interrupts my sleep flow.

Jumping forwards then backward.

Hit repeat.

He’s part of the clandestine cult thought- process flow.

All beginnings eventually have to come to an ending.

Concerning future alliances- the fork in the path mutates an extra prong.

mind bending.


Allow for the change in shape of an another alternative route.

Cheat decides to look up in dictionary.com what it means to say moot.

Meaning already forgot.

Decision debased on ill-behaved behavior electrifying a footwork track -based on a biracial intercourse toot.

Turn moot into witch doctor Muti, a cure for this malaise oddity may break contact with the shepherd’s compulsive ewe.

Silenced into the next move in the game of life.



Cluedo .

What is the most Infallible- can do?

Make a fresh start- sell out one pearlised vocation. Many breed the high ground in a scorching sorting hat.

Priorities muddled in an attempt to make a life more longstanding than a welcome mat.

Mathematicians turn up in a state of multiple divided equations.

New lease of life -E=mc^ 2  – it’s all relative – beautification renders an approving look – misread face leads to unresolved complications.



Let sleeping dogs lie.

3 am -Hare wakes up to see tortoise break past the time barrier, marathon race. March mad, too young to let his ego sit back -ears push forward in sly.

Morals without a compass, external hard drive.

Clock rings.

time dials erratic – so distant.

Testify to honor all vocations – duty bound to follow the one leading to the most effective change – energy is insistent.

What matters is not to what degree – all frying pans are a sizzle. Take a calculated risk on Heart.

wrenched backward -trust it will not deceive.

Patriotic to the cause of writing until last  breath  ceases – suspended in mid-air -acrobatic chaos,

spectator led into disbelief.

Matter not those who don’t walk the same path.

Respect this life entrant is making a decision on behalf of the majority, swathed- ready to abort the plan.

Whim-sake not the confidence of this indecisive.

 Aim to do better -empath.

Besmirch the elders – radicalize the institutional bonds that bind.

The weight of titanium – Poseidon never lets a nymph stray too far from the seismic mind.

An explosive ending to start off the new year.

Just over 365 days to go.


change this automatic for a  manual stick gear.







  1. The manual gear of life helps move the pace at one’s ease. I learnt to drive with shift and even though I use automatic right now and have for years, I can relate this to life in auto motion and life on different speed motion 🙂

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  2. I tried but never got the hang of a manual stick gear, but if it’s symbolic of going with the popular vote….I could learn. Just a guess. And yes, it’s all relative.

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      • New years approaching often have that effect I guess…taking stock. I’m going through a very similar thing at the moment with my blogging and future goals re careers/purpose. I’ve considered not blogging, but instead of that I’m just gong to change the blog to give less focus on writing about the painful emotional stuff, and more about applying creativity to heal me and do some good in the world. XXX I am trying to be Christmassy, but really all I wanna do is curl up in a ball and hide until it’s all over X

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    • Writing will always be one creative outlet. I can’t give it up and I won’t. I’m just reassessing my options and the best way to achieve as much of the things I am passionate about without losing my mind, missing out in living life etc…. 😂😂 working shit out. Ha ha xx

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      • I think your new venture with blogging sounds awesome. You are so creative and maybe having a bit of distance from the heavy stuff will create something unexpected and evolve into something that is life changing. I support you. You know I do. xxx Yes, I’m not moving away from my MA but I’ve come to a point where I have to get back to my passions. I am at my healthiest and best when I’m in my community doing things. Writing is an added bonus – a way I deal with all the shit in my head.
        I’m said yes to a new venture connected with something that I touched upon with different people/ organizations in conversations this year.

        I don’t need an MA to write. I will carry on with this year because I have paid £2000 for it! And I will use everything I learn to take away with me so I can share what I gain with the next part of my journey. I never signed up to do this MA to write a novel. I did it to boost my C.V. so I can be a full-time part of the issues in my community that is close to my heart. Creativity is aa big part of that journey in all its forms.
        I have come to a crossroad. The MA is a bonus – the real hard graft is what I can do now- – So, here is to us xxx


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