Roller coaster 

Hi all!

I’m way behind with where I want to be with  Blogging  this week.

I love you to pieces , Imani – Can’t wait to hook up at the weird park – not near Durham at all. ha ha.

It is isn’t – that is a fact.

If I tell you the location well…. we know what happens ,right?

Bang! Bang!

You are scarily so much like me! DOUBLE TROUBLE.

I know I am behind accepting awards and name tags. I take them seriously because it is wonderful to be recognised and it is a lot of fun -nominating Blogs ,I think should be nominated for  the award or tag.

I’ve been so busy. Not just with what I normally have going on but we are kind of re decorating the house – more chaos.

I’m a full time Mom ( school holidays in the U.K.) and student again.



I’ve reblogged this cos you make me sound fucking awesome!  Ha ha!

No, there is more to it.

I want people on WP. to know you like I do. Imani used  to have a Blog on WP  called ‘I sing the body electric’ – please ask her  why she changed blogs. It’s inspiring.

I fell in love with this song.    She introduced me to this voice!

I can’t bloody find it! The version I want.

She is Lush.

My new borrowed word from Imani -herself.

Why are there only 24 hours in a day ?

Finally ,along ,with our home being upside down , I have spent  a bit of time collaborating on something very cool  with the inspiring, Jackie-or as I like to call her- the Beyonce of the WordPress community – over at

Have patience. Please.

Thank you to all those that keep supporting me.

Tomorrow is another day.

I will make it up to you all by the end of the week. Pinkie promise.

Lots of love and good night.  

Daisy xoxoxoxo



One miracle blogger award + my thoughts about blog awards

I LOVE blog awards, who doesn’t like being nominated?! It’s an honour to be nominated! but I also don’t particularly like following contrived award rules set by other people as I&…

Source: One miracle blogger award + my thoughts about blog awards

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  1. Your cheerful posts make me smile. A little exhale now and again from all the blogging is required. Life can definitely get quite busy.

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  2. No problem Daisy, We all seem to be the same just lately, it must be the heat, I have got awards to post, and I just keep running out of hours…………… lots of love chill !!

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  3. not to worry! what s the hurry. for me another hot day and i made it all the way up and over and around and have a smile on my face. cheerio!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Lush. I like that new word.

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  5. Thank you so much Daisy. Well done on the home decoration 💪 it’s a very hard job, although it’s quite interesting. Be strong 😘

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  6. Have a Good Night!!!!! Hugs! ❤

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  7. Awww you are SO SWEET like CHOCOLATE 😝😀 Thanks for the special shout out lovely. I’ve missed you today and feel isolated cause my phone isn’t working, damn phone! It’s holidays so blogging productivity is gonna be kiboshed, you’re a Mum-go easy on yourself ok xxx 💝 I know Harrogate and Durham are not the same place btw! I meant Durham OR Harrogate 😊haha. Lana sounds off her face in that live performance! But it’s always good to hear ‘my song’ – getting all nostalgic about the body electric now! Love ya loads hun and I hope you’ll post pics of your newly redecorated place 🙂 I love interiors and getting messy with paint and wallpaper LUSH Take care xxxxx ❤❤❤

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    • Will answer this when both my eyes are fully open ha ha ❤ xxxx

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      • Aww bless you 😝 Big cuddles for now xxx

        Liked by 1 person

      • Oh no! No phone. Thee world must be coming to an end lols.. . V. frustrating. Need a new laptop -it is giving me soooooo many problems! I know you meant Harrogate but I thought it was a secret location. This park sounds rather special and the less people know about it ,the better . Signs of a true people person- ha ha! I watched the clip back and she does sound like she may have needed a bit of R&R time before the gig but it was in Hackney….. oooooooooooooooh , how dare. I stoop so low. I am actually really wanting to go to that festival. The tickets get sold out so quickly though! You have a job promotion. Get yourself to the ghetto – low suspension car – optional 😉 and come work with us. ha ha! Out most of the day. Bills, bills, bills, – food shopping, going to see my Gran. I will catch up with you later ❤ xx


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