Moving Forward

Another week has passed and I haven’t been posting or reading as much of your Blogs as I have wanted to.

I kind of screwed up. I decided just over a month ago that I didn’t have Bipolar and that I didn’t need to take certain medication.

giphy (18).gif

This past month has been a living hell. I reached a breaking point yesterday. I thought I was losing my mind.

The reason why I am making this public is that I am so passionate about reducing the Stigma surrounding Mental Health issues.

I did something so stupid but instead of letting my mental health get to a point, where I was increasing the risk that I would get worse, and I would probably end up doing something epically silly. I reached out.

giphy (19).gif

I’m back!. I know what keeps me well.  Blogging is one of my coping tools..

My volunteering is another.

Yesterday I thought I blew it.

giphy (23).gif

I was a mess.

I forced myself to face my fears and I got through it.

Today we have a plan for the  Depression and Anxiety workshop, for Thursday.


I do have good ideas and stuff to bring to make this workshop work.

giphy (20).gif

It is okay to screw up but you have to reach out too.

Do it as soon as possible. All my Bipolar symptoms started coming back.

My Anorexia triggers came back.

I haven’t come this far to go back to living in a mental hospital again. I have too much to gain and far too much to lose.

Today is a new day. I have a chance to start over.

I am petrified about doing the workshop but I know once I am there – that is the one place I  will feel comfortable.

giphy (25).gif

It’s the same here on Word Press. I convinced myself that because I had no energy and that my mind couldn’t take in information when I was reading other peoples Blogs, I would lose people.

I can’t just pretend to read a post and like. That has never been an option for me. I don’t do things in halves.

I didn’t lose anybody. In fact quite the opposite. I have gained new friends – The Daisy in the willows flower community grows.

I am not going to question why.

I can only say thank you and count my blessings.

I work hard to overcome my fears and demons. I  have a lot of support and you – all of you -don’t know how much your comments have helped me. You will never know.

Let me rephrase that  you are

giphy (26).gif

Pictures can be misleading…..

But I am back and I am pushing forward and that is what counts. I got through yesterday. I am getting through today.


 So I guess it is time to explore all the new Blogs who have come into my path and give you all a MASSIVE  SHOUT OUT for taking a chance on me.



Keep pushing forward. I swear your future self  will be thankful . I know what keeps me well and what doesn’t..

giphy (4)



Cream of the Planet-Sensual, Thoughtful, and Very Naughty  A man  who loves women. What is not to love ? 😀

Timkeen40’s Blog-Fiction and other stories by Tim Keen  -Check out Tim’s book on Amazon AFTER HOURS- A COLLECTION OF SHORT STORIES BY TIM KEEN

The Teacup Library Cup of tea and an adventure anyone – A  tea drinking ,Romantic ..

Just A Lady With A Blog – Genevieve has so much going on on her Blog. It’s a fun place to be. love this quote of hers. She has an epic attitude to Life.

You know when your a younger you and people will say “You can do anything you want if you believe in yourself and follow your heart.” Something along those lines. Well I interpreted that as “I can do anything and EVERYTHING ever!


ARNE’S COMFY COUCH CURRENT TOPICS – this is one Blog that is going to blow your mind.

Life Particles all these specks, feels, and bettering -Travelling

Life to me is learning, accepting,trying, failing and trying again. Pushing through the struggles and allowing self to be a little dark, but not TOO dark

 The Brighton Meow Cats Protection Brighton and District blog    I am a Crazy cat lover. Support these incredible people

KIMBERLY STARR   -This lady has my attention. She believes laughter can cure, Good vibes, inner Strength, coffee and sunshine! I’m loving it.

minibit of storytime – Mini ( not the mouse but the writer)

Finding merle- the time is now -eat the chocolate  – Karen is amazing. She is full of positivity . I tend to run to Blogs like hers.

Mugilan Raju-Prime my subconscious, one hint at a time – A man  with a lot of charisma and it shows in his Blogging

MAURAWORDPRESSBLOG  – not much to see here yet.  A start is great. Maura get Blogging. I want to know you 🙂

Zen and the Art of Everyday Living a great Blog to learn to live in the moment. We all need to slow down and smell the flowers and become aware of our presence in reality.

living in stigma  I have been following this lady’s Blog for many months. Love her blog and she kind of likes mine too now.  What a compliment xxxx

Tarnished Soul Searching for Peace in a Tumultuous World– a Man trying to find a meaningful life. He is a bit like me. Totally wears his heart on his sleeve.

mommyrosebuds  Asahela a 25 year old Mum . She had her child when she was 16 but she has such sass and attitude and personality. She can show us all how to live and be a great parent. She has an epic community going on too.

Coloring Outside the Lines traveling to little places, inside and outside of mind – the title alone of this Blog -resonates. Mark is a lover of Flash Fiction – something I am dying to do.  Well travelled too.

Sweta Ojha A Personified Narrative : Defying Reality. Sketching Imageries. -Sweta’s Blog is ice candy crack. A journalist and a published novelist of a book THE LAST JOURNAL

Ever wondered what’s a personified version of the thin line that exists between imagination and reality?
‘That’s me’


jstnluu Justin.  -A law degree student who happens to be crazy about fashion and all things creative.  Justin is a deep thinker. He has a lot of interests and a curious mind.

ELLENBEST24 words and scribble.  A writer…

My name is Ellen.
I am stronger than I seem; happier than I have ever been. I am a complex character who loves life. I Bathe in love, laughter and words. Words that I read and write, words  that I swallow whole



BEYONDTHEHORIZON– another awesome Blogger who can’t make sense of the cruelty that people do to each other. Another deep thinker with a lot of soul and a lot to give.

The Self-Help Sucker Enlightenment by the Book   -love the title. I seem to have found a bunch of thinkers/ philosophers this past week – well you found me and I love thinking outside the box. I am in good company.  This dude reads all the self help books we can’t and tells us the best bits to take away with us. Awesome!– 




Pretty Charms – Plenty of analyis,case studies and essays  on mental health in a no jargony way

Shandra Eats Cook, Eat, Travel, and Be Merry!!  It is all about the food!  Food pawn alert!

SHELISHACAMPBELL  has a poetry brain 🙂

518-SONGOFMYPEOPLE A town everyone hates, yet no one leaves…  check it out. There is a lot of mystery surrounding this Blog. I have never come across one like it …

Bay art -BayArt with Science-based Practices for a Meaningful Life is the single destination for effective, evidence-based solutions for better emotional health and wellbeing in the 21st century. Let get your workbook today & join us    LOVING THIS BLOG.

ClearDope-Success, Genius.. Becoming the best version of yourself.   – Another awesome Blog about finding your purpose, self affirming and a great place to be to get into a great mind state.

Annas Art – FärgaregårdsAnna- OPEN MIND ART– To say Anna is talented is a slight under statement. I’m a huge fan of people who can draw and paint. I can’t. And she has a sense of humour too!

MY CHILD WITHIN- Healing from trauma   Not as heavy going as the title- there is a lot of emphasis on Recovery and moving forwards in this Blog

 I have started this website to share my personal story of recovery, healing and hope. I want to offer tips on how to cope with a special needs sibling and how to heal from narcissistic parental abuse. I also want to offer insight into how complicated the grieving and healing can be when recovering from chilhood abuse and neglect in the family. Mental health is very important to myself and others and people have to understand that it matters just as much as physical health.

MY ORDINARY LEGEND I CAN ONLY TELL YOU WHERE THE STORY STARTS AND TAKE YOU ALONG FOR THE RIDE   Jessie was living in Germany for some time and started her thought journal when she went back home to the U.S.A. – She is pretty talented with what she can do when she has a camera in her hand


business with psychology    I’m not to sure what is happening with this Blog yet but thank you for the follow all the same. Best of luck with developing your Blog 🙂

SHERRIEMIRANDA1- The wonderful world of writing  Certainly has a sense of humour


SanoLovesWriters!!!!!!!    Sano most definitely does!


I dedicate this blog to everyone who shares one or both of these challenges. Or any mental health challenge for that matter. If someone manages to find their way here, and finds something valuable in my writing, or can relate to something, it will be worth it.

We might not always believe this, but there is hope. Like a lighthouse… It’s light can be seen shining during even the most turbulent of storms.







  1. Set backs can happen to any of us at any point in time but the good thing is that you are thinking in the right direction and doing loads of positive things. I’ve never understood why people stigmatize any ailment that someone is unable to stop or didn’t choose. It’s just a silly way of looking at things that people do that makes no sense. In this space, you make friends who will stay with you and those who toddle off for whatever reason, oh well, that’s not for you to bother about. You’ve got us 🙂

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  2. Good for you! I also want to get rid of the stigma that surrounds mental health. For the longest time I rejected my mom’s idea of going to therapy. I decided to finally give in and now I don’t know why I didn’t start earlier! I learned the skills on how to make my life worth living. I can’t remember what my therapist classified me under. She said I have a little of a couple illnesses. She said the perfect way to describe me is like Eeyore from Winnie the Pooh. I agreed. Lol!

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  3. Thanks for linking my blog 🙂 Yes, I’ve been writing since I was 8yrs old but you know what a little girl can write at that age. Haha. I remember writing short stories about a girl’s lost bread and cheese, what happens to kids who do not like veggies and the likes 🙂 Just simple stories for kids at my age .:D


  4. I suffered from anorexia as a teenager. It was a long road back that took years. I relapsed in my mid 30s. Another long road back that took years. I’m finally healthy again, but I don’t take it for granted. The idea of losing weight now scares the hell out of me. It’s not something I’ve ever found the courage to talk about. I still don’t have the courage to discuss it. I’m happy to know that you’re doing much better, Daisy. Take care. 🙂

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    • Hey Brenda. It scares the shit out of me too. I really value my health. I don’t think there is any shame in having an illness. We all have mental health and we all are susceptible to good and bad mental health. I respect your wishes not to talk about it but I don’t want you to feel ashamed xxx ever…. You are rather special xxx

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      • Thank you, Daisy. I will admit that it nearly destroyed me in my teens. It was during the 80’s and I lived in a small community at the time. It was a very isolating experience. I was in a place that could not be reached by anyone. I was also determined to keep everyone out. I often felt mocked for my illness. People weren’t nearly as open minded back then. The 2nd time was triggered by a big move that left me with 2 daughters to care for and very little money. I ended up saving by taking from myself. I lived off one candy a day for a while. By the time things improved, it was too late. Although I was much older than the first time and had developed better coping mechanisms. I was also much better at hiding my illness from others. So no one knew what was happening. Least of all, my 2 daughters. I did finally make my way back. I’m now determined to remain healthy. 🙂

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      • WOW! Brenda – you have fought some crazy battles. Society is still so full of Stigma. I can’t even imagine what it must have been like for you. I don’t know how you coped and how you found the strength to carry on but you did and I admire you so much. This is not lip service. It is true. You are a super ninja warrior princess. Thank you for confiding in me. I feel a lot closer to you. Don’t worry I won’t bring it up on your blog. So here is to ongoing health and happiness , my friend 🙂 xxx ❤


  5. Daily – I think you were experiencing something that will be very important to your workshop. A blessing in disguise.
    So glad you are feeling better. LIFE is bipolar sometimes! In the midst of our joy, we have to slog through the chaos of our own adjustment to change. Blessings to you.

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  6. It takes courage to admit whenever we make a mistake, I think what you do is so incredibly important and inspiring. I have been off WordPress a bit, not posting or reading either. Too consumed with my own life. Then I read something you write and it somehow all makes sense again. Keep speaking out, I’ll keep listening! 💕

    Liked by 2 people

    • Hi Serena. You are always so supportive of me. I don’t think being consumed with your life is a bad thing. As long as you are happy most of the time. I’m blushing from your compliments. xxx thank you for supporting me. xx

      Liked by 1 person

      • Yes that’s true. Mostly I’ve been consumed with worry for my friend who was in a car accident though, so not good for me to keep my head in that space. She is slowly recovering though so I am slowly healing alongside of her. I’m always happy to support you! You have such a strong voice, I love that you present your thoughts fearlessly, even though you may have insecurities about sharing. It’s what I aspire to do myself!


  7. Sorry to hear you tripped, but so happy to hear you got back up, as you are one of my favourite bloggers… and a friend. 😉

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  8. So glad to hear that you realized what was happening and asked for some help. All too often, I feel better because of my meds and think “I don’t have G.A.D. or A.D.H.D, I should stop taking my meds…” Everytime I’ve thought this, I end up in misery.

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  9. I wish you all the best! I’m so sorry to hear you’ve struggled so much, but I’m really glad you’re working everything out. x

    Liked by 2 people

      • I don’t doubt that!! You’re an incredibly strong woman, Daisy. I can’t imagine anything really getting you down for long. You’re an inspiration for so many people!

        I don’t know if you like publishing your story further than your blog, but I have a lot of articles published by YouShare Project. I think they’d love to hear some of the stories you tell on here. I could contact Ashlee, if you’d like, but I think you can contact them via Facebook or their page. I think you could reach a lot of people with the powerful messages you send.

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  10. YOU are fucking awesome! no one awesome-er than you darlin! Reading this post makes me appreciate your comments on my posts even more, now I know you’re feeling so shitty yourself. You give out so much to the blogosphere, and that is why you get back all this love from your flowers like me. I have/had BPD, so know what living with a mood disorder and being on mood stabilisers is like (Quetiapine for me.) It’s not surprising you wanted to come off your meds, but I’m so glad you reached out for help. Also I sense that you put a lot of pressure on yourself as a blogger to always write awesome posts and not drag people down if you’re feeling low, but people won’t unfollow you if you have a bad day. People like you because you’re unique and authentic and kind, and our approval is not conditional as you may have experienced previously in your life. We’re here for you regardless, esp me. QBee 🙂 xxx

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  11. What a wonderfully kind thing, to post my blog on your list. I am overwhelmed and a bit excited to think your connections, friends, bloggists of the highest order may pop across to read my fare.

    Hold out your hand reach for assistance
    Its hard at first but makes the difference.
    Between feeling alone not having a hope
    And getting the strength for you to cope.
    Be well my virtual friend. 😇

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  12. Thank you! That was so kind of you to give me a shoutout! 😮

    I wish you all the best in your journey. It’s not an unfamiliar one in my life (between my brother and I). Sometimes it’s hard, but don’t forget to write! Outlets are great, plus I like reading what you have to say.

    Liked by 1 person

      • Sooooo get this! In my post I wrote yesterday, I beleive I had a line in there that I thkught I would wake up and be cured, symptom free. And then of course the shit hits the fan. But yes, I totally understand the line or wanting to be quiet and wanting to keep talking to break the stigma. Maybe thats a way to support each other. Cheerlead when all we wnt to do is not acknowledge our illness and hide in the sea of blissful puppies and kittens. Oh, wait…that sounds like a good place to hide. 😉 Alexis

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  13. I’ve gone off my meds when I’ve felt like it in the past. Recently, my idiot dr took me off both my anti-depressants at the same time cold turkey. Withdrawal is a bitch.

    Are you concerned that because your come back is so swift, you are actually in a manic high? I swing like that. But then I realize it’s not me. And I need to slow down. Because, it will catch up with me.

    Liked by 2 people

    • I have had to slow down. It is not the elated kind of manic high – it’s the horrible kind. I’m sorting it though. I am back on track as of today. I can’t believe a doctor can do that to you or anyone- it is so un ethical z

      Liked by 1 person

      • Ew ugly speed manic high. I’m sorry you are going through that! Oh God. Breathe.

        It is unethical. I don’t know if you read my posts about it. I can’t remember. But they did it in hospital. I was deprived water. I couldnt keep food down for three weeks. And they send me home malnourished with my hair falling out, gingivitis (from malnutrition), and a sudden rip of my anti-depressants. I had two seizures when I walked through my door. By day 5 at home I was in full withdrawal. I’m a lot better but still feeling unwell. Those fucking assholes. OMG

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