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“You always have an option to opt between,
‘You will always remember’ and ‘You will never forget’.”

“I feel though they both mean the same, second one is more strong.” Prakesh –

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This is as philosophical as I  can get  at 8 a.m. in the morning,on a Saturday.

I have to say I agree with Prakesh on this one.


Even though both are technically the same in meaning.

In my experience, remembering or trying to re call facts can be way too  energy and time consuming.

Thoughts get scrambled.

Other thoughts jump in and hook up  with the others and the memory becomes more of a sketch of what happened.  The trying to remember is more subject to manipulation.

To  me, to ‘never forget ‘is so much more potent – because this is when an experience happens,where all the data and thoughts at the moment it happens is crystallised for all eternity.

It gets filed under ‘memories not to be fucked with’. 

 Other thoughts can’t get in that drawer .

It is bolted.

More often the key get’s misplaced. It gets put in the fruit bowl or in that favourite pair of jeans pocket- -never the same place.

giphy (4).gif


 Even if my thoughts  want to scramble the bolted  memories with a shot of what ever other thought. It’s not going to happen.

I can only liken this quote to :

I was once attacked at knife point with a friend. I remember bright lights, there was a group of people, a sensation of a tug on my jeans ,the sound of a blunt blade  cutting off my friends back pack.

Everything is hazy.

Details like what the people looked like – I couldn’t tell you.

Were they bigger than me?

 Possibly because other thoughts have dominated and questioned that night and diluted the memories.

One thing that other thoughts can’t scramble is my ‘memories not to be fucked with’.

 I can never forget the primitive fight and flee feel of fear.

It’s imprinted  on Me like some one took a boot to my head. These kind of memories leave deep scars. If I walk alone in a dark place at night on my own. This fear feeling will come up . It won’t let me forget.

I think the things  that are harder to forget are the things that arrest us – immobilize us. Stop us from moving.

giphy (5).gif


Details are changeable . I can read a book and suddenly have a new take on what the scene looked .

It is only when I am forced to stop,this is the time I am likely to form a memory that takes hold and cements.

Other memories like-

 clothes worn,

how many?

the date?

the name of the road.- don’t have the same “possession kudos” that a frozen memory does.

Thank you so much Prakesh!

A man with degrees up to his ears in the technology arena. He then   decides he needs to be dabble his hand in the arts sector and becomes a wizard with a flair for all things pertaining to the heart too.

Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.  Only joking. 🙂


I say he is a wizard because of quotes like these of his.

“My research work has not only motivated me to do technical stuff but also all other reads and writes. Blogging has opened a new life to me!”Prakash B. Hegade.

“There is also a small piece on Ageing. It is One of the topic that excites me. It is covered in introduction and four small episodes”Prakash B. Hegade.


“I mostly like to pen down poems. They can carry deep thoughts in few sentences and phrases. They are quick and also fun to read. If you ask me my favorite write, i would say this one – “Is this life all about –  A new old”. Prakash B. Hegade.


“You can also check the IBMCif challenges excite you. I am sure all the 10 tasks will engage you enough into writing. ” Prakash B. Hegade.

IBMC    challenges a plenty.

“I have a love story completed called “Today Calls Tomorrow.” You should read and let me know! Its a mini novel with 50 episodes and all available online. There is a free ebook version also available Here.” Prakash B. Hegade.



That’s me for the moment. I’m off the my mates baby shower this afternoon.  Catch up with you later.


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  1. lovely post like always!
    bringing smile n sunshine (though it is nyt here!)



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  2. Wow! That was a lovely interpretation! I am so smiles.This post made my day. 🙂 I like the idea of bolted. It is strong. Thank you so much for this post. 🙂

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  3. For me how someone, or something made me feel will determine what becomes unforgettable. 😉 G-uno

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