Daisy got the chill vibe

“The sun also sets” EARNEST HEMMINGWAY

I don’t know why there isn’t a global Mothers day . Us flowers in the U.K. had ours in March!

I won’t be so callous as to stop wishing all you lovely mothers and mothers to  be and ladies who have lost their mothers (not living in the U.K.)-a grand ole day.


I’ve been absent and haven’t had the chance to catch up on your blogs. My G and I have spent the day writing our personal vows together.

Plenty of humour and a dash of

“aaaaaaaaw aint that romantic.”

We have spent most of the day and evening watching Netflix

Any movie nights any of you have planned – highly recommend what we watched

STAND UP COMEDY – She is a frikking live wire .


A BIT OF THE AVANTE GARDE  – This blew our minds – no drugs or alcohol needed- 100% mesmerizing

A POSSIBLE HORROR OR NOT? One of the best movies I have watched recently -epic cast.


The other is not even worth mentioning.

Tomorrow is an early start. Off out early to meetup with my G’s eye  surgeon consultant. So I am afraid I will only be back in my favourite hub  much later tomorrow

SHOUT OUT to Getting through Anxiety  for nominating me for my 4th  Liebster award. I love this blog – try and follow every post I can.

I love her answers and her questions so can’t wait to catch up and get round to a bit of Q&A.

Missing you all. I have had an epic night with my hubby-to-be .

I’m hoping to squeeze in a couple of pages of

 THE PARIS WIFE- By Paula McLain

mmmmmmmh, this bed is so comfy. I might just close my eyes


giphy (1).gif


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