Cats & Meowskies


Cats sleep a lot, don’t they?

I read somewhere they sleep for like 17-18 hours a day.

What could possibly be going on that they need that amount of sleep to function?

Oh if karma lets me have my way please can I come back as my Tatiana?

This is going to be a short post. I am exhausted but I ain’t no quitter so today I’m linking my love of quotes/idioms/proverbs with zee challenge.

“Let sleeping dogs lie”

Sounds like someone had a bit of forethought and common sense when this idiom sprung up.

I think it actually goes back to Biblical times..

That being said, the Book of Proverbs (26:17) says:

He that passes by, and meddles with strife belonging not to him, is like one that takes a dog by the ears.Β 

In other words, the saying β€œlet sleeping dogs lie” has its roots in the Christian Bible.

So what does it mean?

I thought it meant to let things go- don’t hold on to any negative shit.

Turns out I am half right and half wrong.

What it really means is don’t stick your oar in.

Don’t rattle the coffin when there is no need to.

In other words,

Don’t be a fucking trouble maker or all you will get from me and others is a spoon for Christmas.

Leave the pot alone.

I’m going to catch me an early night *yawning*

So want to read some of my books.Β I have the bed all to myself tonight.

Well, for a bit. My better half is off to his mates house to celebrate a quiet birthday.

So I am going to take the chance to kick back. It’s been a busy day.

I think our earthling friends give brilliant advice. Us humans need to pay more attention.

so -thanks for the tip, Tatiana.

I shall go out of my way to re-enact this wise, firstborn child of mines “chill philosophyΒ “the best that I can.

Β  can’t let my earthling friends down. Not now when Β I am needed most. πŸ˜€











kind of gone- on her way to the chill zoneΒ 


See you next week

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  1. I wish I could get more sleep like that, I would never have to worry about anything.

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  2. As long as the next door neighbor let their sleeping dog alone, then you’ll sleep well . . .

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  3. Chill and sleep, going to take your and Tatiana’s tip, great idea !! nite nite sleep tight, catch you tomorrow…………………………………………….

    Liked by 2 people

  4. i dont want to sleep yet my essay needs to go tonight! 2100 words in wooo

    Liked by 1 person

  5. I’m actually yearning to sleep right now. I’m struggling to stay awake.

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