Making something out of nothing

“Who says nothing is impossible? I’ve been doing nothing for years.” -UNKNOWN

Ha! I love this quote. I very rarely let myself truly chill out and veg. This weekend was the first weekend and time in over a year that I have given my mind and body a true chance to chill and enjoy being in the moment.

Why do we think that what we do is– nothing ? not enough?


I look back over the years and ,at this moment in time, no, I don’t have a 9-5 job.

However,I have been working harder than I would, ( I am talking about me here) ,say if I had been working  in a 9-5 job.

I’ve only just realised how important it is  to take some time away from my work and what I do.

I love being active  and in the last couple weeks-everything I love to do  stopped being fun any more.

 I was  even getting stressed out about some of the  things I do to wind down, an  example is  Blogging. It was having the opposite effect. I  was getting way too grumpy.


I even thought taking  a break from it.

I have just  realised that all  I  needed was  a couple of days to

  • not get too worried about being up to date with my posts

  •  not  work out to my most difficult dance work out session

  •   not only  seeming to eat bloody fruit until the wedding.

  •  not having to be the most awesome .. insert title here……

  •  not worry an have that inner belief that  I can give my all in whatever I have going on next week.

It’s Sunday and I woke up at 10. It does help having a Bella Bee free night.

I didn’t wake up at 5 am to start bloggging and reading blogs. I know I can do that  later on today and this week and next week and the week after that.

Here is the philosophical bit.


I don’t know if  it is age but my mind state is finally starting to shift.

I have my goals but I have finally started to stop trying to prove to people that they have to like me or what I do or say or write.

I care about a lot of people and support many people here and in my “real life” but I  now know I don’t need their approval.

Not all people will get me or you.


Don’t take it to heart.

No, seriously,

Usually if someone seems to ignore you, is hostile ,  is not consistent with how they treat you. If you are always left  feeling drained or uncomfortable and generally bummed out   around certain people.

99% of the time, it is not something you need to figure out.

It is usually all about what that person has going on in their head.

People who judge and are critical to others, try and target the people who are themselves and who are 100% genuine and happy with what they are doing and where they are going. Haters try to make you question if you are good enough with what you do or have. They never give you anything but a serious doubt in your abilities.

download (1)

Usually, what ever seems like a reflection on you and who you are and how you are –  isn’t.

I know I am the only person who knows myself better than anyone. If I trust my gut instincts,I know how to reign myself in , reflect on my own judgements and check out what is going on with me.


Not everyone is comfortable with the fact I don’t hide certain ‘”skeletons”  of my life in a overflowing wardrobe,that I  supposedly should be ashamed to share.

My thinking is  – I share them because I fucking got over them.

If you don’t like that I am not all caught up in an eternal self- mind fuckery, that is your problem not mine.

I and you . We all have a life to live.

There is a great life out there  to see and experience. We need to take time to chill and do our own thing.  Even if it seems like we are doing nothing. We are usually doing a lot.

I am convinced that all the things I have lined up for this next week -will be tackled with 100% passion and commitment.

I’m feeling fresh, energised (amazing what a few haribos can do)

That’s it from me.

Daisy  ❤



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  1. That’s what I needed to hear today. I know it’s a quote made with tongue in cheek, but I feel like I waste so much of my life doing nothing. No job etc etc.

    I still feel like I don’t accomplish anything except sleep (thanks Einstein!) but maybe one day that will change.
    I hope I can go back and read this then.

    Liked by 1 person

      • Hah! You think? I’ll count up the number of hours I sleep, the number I spend staring into space, the number I spend writing to do lists without actually doing them, the amount of time I spend surfing the internet into pointless oblivion, the amount of time I spend looking at BLOODY FOOD.

        I feel so crap about it.
        Hey, but as Einstein says: ‘Don’t give up on your dreams. Keep Sleeping.’

        Sorry for the depressed reply. Love ya.

        Liked by 1 person

      • I have those days too where I think what have I done? Nada . It is exhausting looking at food I want to eat. I can’t wait for this wedding to be over with. I’m going to go on the cake and cookie diet. Don’t apologize for being low – it happens 🙂 hugs ❤


  2. Another great introspective post, Daisy! Too many people fail to ‘STOP, PAUSE and REFLECT’. Most refreshing….I’ve learnt long ago ‘How Beautiful it is to do Nothing and then Rest Afterwards’….an art form in itself…but most rewarding. 😉 Hugs! ❤

    Liked by 2 people

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