“There have to be new words
to explain new worlds.”
Toba Beta,


I love the simplicity and power of this quote. We share much in common. Technology has made the world appear smaller. we come into contact with more people who have a different way of doing things.  We need to use different words to explain or teach or learn about ourselves and new parts of the world that we discover.

Look at what a loss it be would have if there was no pig Latin in the world  – had to get one in there.

I’m trying out something different. A new challenge. This for me is about changing my style and approach, pushing me to do more and become stronger in my thinking and my writing. I did NaNoWriMo last November and I  had to push myself harder than I ever have with writing fiction- based on what I know.

I have a half-finished draft for a book. It’s more than I had in October 2015. See?  it needs tons of work but it is there. I have worked.

The Blogging from A-Z April challenge starts in April.  This challenge requires a different writing approach. I’m writing about something that has the power to grab hold of my emotions and make me cry, get angry,  make me want to scream.

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  2. It sounds like you are going to have the best weekend 🙂 What fun !!! Have a good one 🙂

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  3. Am spending my Saturday with popcorn and a movie at home…so you will have all the fun. Goodluck.

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  4. How exciting! Yep, your weekend plans definitely “take the cake.” I’m sending you lots of poetic energy so you can write the perfect wedding vows for you and your lucky mate.

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  5. Your post challenged me but I am going to wait until May to set new goals. I have to polish off the ones I am working on now. So, April is the month! Procrastination is so addictive!!

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  6. Nice..All the best!!

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