Daisy is following new blogs- excited!

Here is something I’ve not done before with blogging. I was getting my hair done -As you do 😀

A thought struck me – let me get to know WordPress even more.

 Why don’t I look at recommended blogs?

I decided to scroll down the list of recommendations based on what I am in to and who other bloggers I follow follow 🙂 

I decided to go with my intuition and pick out the blogs that I felt I had a vibe with. Very new agey- ha ha

The vibe reached my neurons and fired – you. will. follow. these. blogs……… boom!  Neurons bouncing from one synapse to the next. Serotonin and Dopamine are pulling the party poppers. They may even try and get the sparklers going.

STOP -I say. Have some control. I didn’t do bloody fire safety training just so I could get a certificate 😉

I finally got home to see who the heck I have started following. I was dreading that I may have followed a bunch of blogs I don’t get!


I have discovered that  my instincts ,this time should have been on the money – lotto playing style 🙂 -most of the blogs I have decided to keep on following, except for the odd few I don’t feel in tune with.

So check out your own  recommendations. It’s good to get a new perspective on other peoples lives and ideas and thoughts.

Next time I have a mojo I am defo going to  check out  the Discover blogs section.

I did worry I would have too many blogs to follow but I am all for giving things a go. Live and learn ,right?

What’s that saying ?

the road less travelled can take you to see  some dizzy heights and be touched by the splendour (not the sweetner) of new life.

I may of made the last bit up. Not a poet. Never claimed to be….  ha ha


  1. I love following new blogs, on of the things I do, is read a post and then read the comments and go and look at those blogs. I figure if I am following someone and someone else is we are bound to have something in common and they are responsive since they were commenting in the first place.

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  2. I follow more blogs than I have friends…no, this is not a sad commentary on my social life. And I do have great blog relationships. I’m all for living on the edge, and I think it’s funny that your edge was a little farther from the precipice than you thought….that was deep, man….Keep on writing, I think you got a good vibe about you…and no, I’m not sucking up so you’ll follow me. 🙂

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