Beliefs(4) The answer to peace?

The earliest of signs of The ‘if you do good you will get a sticker on your moral  chart’ ,go back to the Chewong   people- mainly spread around Malaysia.


This is one culture and society of people  who do  not have have  any  violent  and competitive words in their language.

They don’t understand what war is or what punishment and fear is.

I think I have found our best chance at finding peace in the world

This fact of how the gender role dynamics play out is fascinating and makes me think ,

Where did we go so wrong?

Gender Relations. The Chewong recognize that men are physically more adept at tasks requiring greater strength and that women have the biological task of child bearing and nursing, but they ascribe no special status to any of the distinct male or female roles.

Hunting carries no more prestige or value than cooking, planting, gathering, or child-care.

The married couple cooperates closely in their economic activities.

While the wife may have primary responsibility for the fields, the husband frequently helps. If she is incapacitated, he will do all of her chores.

Likewise, women may help with hunting and they normally fish with their husbands.

bathroom-sign-gender-equality-it-was-never-a-dress-tania-katan-1Imagine, I am a Chinese farmer who is riddled with  Kettle whistle blowing, steam rising  anger. My  prized hen is missing..

Of course it has to be those ape people.

I make my way (with wide spaced steps and purpose to my walk)  to the Chewong family,down the road, who  I think has stolen it it. No tea leaf (Thief) is going to get away with this shit. Yeah, I’m pissed. I will do time for this insult.


I find my self, brushing twigs and leaves away. I wrestle with a branch and receive a few cuts to my face.I finally detect life.

 I hear it first and smell it.  I stride right up  to the  Chewong father.

“Who do you think you are stealing my hen . Tell me why I shouldn’t  knock all the wind from you  and use my moves on you like a ninjaaaaaaaaaa?”



The Chewong man doesn’t react or respond. He knows I don’t look happy and  he figures that aint a  good sign.

That night he packs up his and his families belongings and does  a moonlight flit .

Bravery is not a word in their culture. Nor is punishment. There are no oral stories or myths that speak of violence. So their first and only instinct is to get as far away from any confrontation as possible

Before you start scoffing at what a bunch of cowards they are. Think about the words –

War and,


What it means to you?

What does a peaceful world look and feel like?

Is it just some lovely idea?

a symbol of an ideal life?

something un tangible?



  • They believe that a forest god. Yinlugen taught the first humans on the world how to behave and got it right the first time. No bullshitting about.

  • Their most important  rule, that must be obeyed, is called –maro

  • Maro means share your food with others. Never hold back your food.

  • It is dangerous to eat alone and down right selfish and greedy might I add

  • they have perfected a fair and just community.

  • If they violate the rules of morals such as  not sharing or expressing anger at misfortune

    “I wanted a pair of Nike trainers for my birthday not this leather shit!”

  • They mustn’t show that they  get anticipated by pleasures. Now that must suck on a wedding night!

  • If you violate this moral code – be prepared for some heavy shit coming your way.

Like what?

You may get really ill like me . Today my back is put out and I can’t do a gym workout. I haven’t wanted to share my food with my daughter and now look!


You might get attacked by ruwai-  a soul of an animal

If you gain anything from this post. Tell your kids if they don’t share a huge tiger or dragon spirit is going to attack them


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  1. Now that must suck on a wedding night!” … better to not anticipate that which is not guaranteed, than refuse to enjoy what one already has, as was the way of the Puritans 😉

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  2. I had never heard of this culture before reading in here – thank you for introducing me to something new 🙂 I think moving there, while tempting, would be a huge mistake – bringing our ways to them, which we would inevitably do, would take something from them. Better would be implementing some of their ways into our own lives, sharing these ways if you will, and perhaps one day down the road moving the world so that the Chewong might feel tempted to move more freely within it 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Where are these peoples? I want to see about moving there. 🙂

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  4. Haha I like your style 🙂

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  5. This would really be the answer to peace. I would feel right at home here.

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  6. This was so interesting! Sharing is definitely a noble thing to do! And eating food with a spirit of sharing is quite a fulfilling and satisfying experience! I like the way you presented it! 🙂 “Now that must suck on a wedding night!” Well.. yes, perhaps! 😉

    Liked by 1 person

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