Beliefs(2) Even a Rock has a spirit

*I want to point out that I write about beliefs with a light heart. Look at what happens when people distort a religions teachings to profit from chaos #Brussels  *

To stick with the animism theme from yesterdays post , my research has taken me to Japan,Siberia, Canada and Alaska.

There is a group of people who call themselves humans.  Or Ainu  people.  How many people do we really know or see in the media that can be called humans with humanity theses days?


They believe that any being and object can walk, talk and act all by itself. If you want proof that this is true you have to watch this exclusive footage of a celebrity in the fruit world. I’m a massive fan of his.

The annoying Orange

Screen shot 2011-04-05 at 7.42.24 PM.png

These people believe the living and the unseen world are divided by a thin penetrable membrane.

Their beliefs

  • They believe that our bodies are mere vessels and carry what they call ‘kamuy’ – which is spirit which passes out of the nose and nostrils when we die and is reborn into the next world

  •  Spirits are immortal. This ‘kamuy’  can be reborn again into the real world in another form but it has to be the same type of form -so a man can’t come back as a tree or a rock.

  • The new form will always be the same gender  too

Damn! I’ve often wondered how I would be treated if I was a man for a day.  😀

  • Everything even a tool or house has a spirit. The Anui often burn down houses and break tools of the deceased to break the spirit of these inanimate objects so the new spirit has a home and a few comforts in their new world.

How compassionate for what we call a primitive community of people ( I say this with heavy sarcasm on the primitive part

  • The most important spirits are the Gods- this usually manifests as an owl.

  • These people believe that they can argue with the Gods.

What a hoot!


I mean how awesome is that!

So I  am a Ainu person. I do my thing. I am good. I am helpful. I strut about not harming anybody  but every time their is a storm my house gets struck by lightening. I raise my palms to the heavens and cry out


” What’s with all the bad luck?”

“seven doors down is another Ainu dude who made you angry and they still haven’t even tried to reach a compromise.”  I shake my head.

“It’s been two weeks since you got angry with that dude several doors down and he shows no remorse. He hasn’t even done a ceremony- nothing-”  – I tsk –

“what the F*ck? ” I’m kind of angry now.

So I go and consult  ‘Futchi’ the Fire God and I say

” Hey futchi. This is not fair. Sort this shit out. I want an apology from that God.”

One of the most beautiful facts I found out about these lovely people is their belief in the power of words. The ONE thing only they have. No God or animal has this gift.

Words are used to bargain with the Gods and also to sing to the Gods. Their Gods appreciate a good tune. They enjoy a bit of dance

Party time!

Here is a snippet of a folk tale that will get the feminists riled


   The Ainos think it is very unlucky for the woman to move ever so slightly during the act of coition. If she does so, she brings disasters upon her husband, who is sure to become a poor man. For this reason, the woman remains absolutely quiet, and the man alone moves.—(Written down from memory. Told by Penri, July, 1886.)



Traumatic or what?


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  1. Lol…that’s one crazy sex scene! Loving the lessons.

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  2. Nah. I won’t say anything.

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  3. Interesting s**t you wrote about. I bookmarked the link you provided to read at my leisure. As of yet, I haven’t found a spiritual path I wish to follow, and am alway on the lookout for something different than what organized religion offers.

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  4. Ugly site right there

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  5. Great read! I found the lying still during s** extremely weird. I don’t know why most cultures try to suppress women’s sexuality. Also kinda boring wouldn’t it be?

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