A-Z Challenge Animals

It’s the 21/03. Thanks  theutopiauniverse for helping me get my rear behind in gear. April is mere days away. I’ve never done the A-Z challenge. I think my theme will be quotes – I’ve only just started my #FollowGreatFootsteps – too easy.
– I’m into my symbols/ quotes/ folk tales and proverbs so maybe that can be my theme.


How can I up my game?

Mmmmm. maybe talk about emotions and qualities and flaws…

each positive has a negative…

So I can pick a quality or emotion starting from a-z and then pick an opposite to that quality or emotion with the same letter?

That sounds so hard.

When is it ever easy to find balance in life?


Yup that can be my theme ‘balance’   –



I love animals. I could do animals! learn about them – be inspired by them.

YES, finally a great theme Animals or flowers but I am leaning towards animals. I want to know more about our lovely animal friends.

I don’t know HOW this is going to play out. Only time will tell –

Eeeeeeeek!  Not much time left now.

A2Z-BADGE 2016-smaller_zpslstazvib



  1. Okat, I understand now, and am really sad I haven’t got my shit together to join in this challenge – 14 days is, like, over half way. You picked a great topic. Invite me on a month challenge and I’ll try and keep up. 🙂 (Can’t make promises, my life can be, um… unexpected.)

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  2. I do think we can learn from animals. I have enjoyed studying, watching, whatever you want to call it a family of quail over the past year where I live. Watching them interact with their environment has been really eye opening and though I may have fixated on them and posted a lot about them on my blog over the year, I’ve enjoyed the time I had with them. I’ll be moving out of the area later this week to an area I’m almost 100% guaranteed I won’t see quail, so I’ll deeply appreciate this year and the lessons they taught me (my Q for A/Z). Have a great challenge!



    • Hi Betty
      What a lovely experience. It makes me so mad when I see people killing and hurting our earthling friends. Thanks for the vote of confidence in the challenge. I remember many moons ago I wanted to become a zoologist. SO I can become a kind of spiritual/scientific one for 26 days 😀


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