Who doesn’t love a good quote?

Why  become part of #FollowGreatFootsteps Quote community?

Bringing inspiring quotes into our conscious minds gives us the chance to try and adopt that quality we love in an inspirational person.


  • Find a quote you that you feel a connection   too

  • Choose one quote  to post to any post/ comment/status update of yours

  •  DON’T FORGET  to Share  #FollowGreatFootsteps  hashtag after your quote/ in your  blog post/ comments/ status.


Why  SHOULD I do  it , Daisy? ( please read the last point and then read all the other reasons again with the last bulletin point in mind of why :D)

  • Who doesn’t love to share  an  inspiring quote?

  • Because you are an awesome generous person who wants to see a fellow bloggers succeed

  • It’s good karma to give

  • You love quotes like me

  • Challenges are fun

  • A  chance to form a new kind of inspirational community to be a part of

  • It’s the first challenge that me, Daisy Willows has mad (or made)  up 😀 support me, please.




  1. “Writing here is like a drug.” – John Fowles (The Collector)

    I think people need to express themselves, which is pretty much what writing is. Blogging is just writing with a keyboard.


    • Morning Brendan! Thanks for the quote; it is so true. I think blogging/ writing can make you addicted to the response you get for putting a few words out there. We need to remember that if we can write we should write to express ourselves to the best of our ability.
      Shit I’m pretty deep for 7 am. . I first read that quote and I saw it as a positive but drugs can have negative side effects too. Not read the book. I’m going through a reading the classics at the moment. Trying to make my way through Brave new world (Huxley) -not easy going. I haven’t read a good horror for a while. New book on the list. Cheers for stopping by 🙂


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