Gitmo Detainees

Brilliant post. How much more suffering must these humans go through because of a difference in opinion?

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Gitmo Detainees 02

President Obama announced that he is going to finally “shut down”Guantanamo Bay, keeping a “promise” he made back in January of 2009.

As part of the “closure plan,” of the nearly 1,000 terror “suspects” currently held in the prison approximately 600 will be “relocated” to a maximum “security” prison inside the United States.

Once they have “completed” their time they will be “offered” a U.S. citizenship and additional “funding” to help them get a decent “start” with a new life as “valuable” American citizen.

Gitmo Detainees 01

Expecting many Americans to be “outraged” with this idea, the administration has been slow in “disclosing” its plans regarding the remaining 400 “terror”suspects, who are going to be quietly “released” onto U.S. soil and almost immediately provided with “housing and welfare” benefits.

According to several “insider”reports, all of the homes on the “relocation list” have been recently repossessed from military “veterans” of the…

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