A shared experience

Picture a shoal of fish swimming together united in the ocean. Humans like fish share a trait; which is we are bound  together by a common destiny. While you take whatever path you decide to take on your own journey,remember  that everyone around you is also on a journey of their own. Take comfort that you are never really alone. Gain strength in this knowledge.


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  1. This is a great proverb. I used to be very much alone by my on choosing. I come from a family of gossipers so I learned that if I wanted to have a private life, I need to be private. I’m just now started to break out of my shell.

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    • Gossip is so easy to get caught up in. It’s something hard to avoid and can do a lot of unecessary damage. No everyone wants to gossip. I do it sometimes but I [refer having real conversations about things more important than other peoples lives. Don’t you sometimes think that people resort to gossip because nothing else is going on in their lives.

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