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Why so many myths about giants?

What do they represent to us symbolically? When we are children the first giants we meet are usually our parents.  I can remember how terrified I was when my Mom got angry. She wasn’t being cruel but her anger was volumized because of her physical body and presence. People who get attacked or raped usually describe their attackers as bigger than they are in real life ( if they get caught)

Giants are always in a shit mood. All those anger issues  -Sheesh. So uncontrolled, so …. uncivilised. They intimidate with their brute force. Giants are not usually seen to be as the smartest of creatures. Famous myths usually depict Heroes like David in ‘‘DAVID AND GOLIATH’ and Odyssey’s little meeting with CYCLOPS, as only being able to defeat these creatures by using their wits. Thinking on their feet literally.


David has his slingshot and Odysseys?  well he gets a  rather hospitable greeting with Polyphemus- the Cyclops- throwing rocks at him!

How uncouth ;).

What does our hero do to the one-eyed monster? He jabs him in the eye and then flees with his crewmates. One step closer to being reunited with his dutiful and faithful Penelope- who also has had to use her wits in the many years her husband has been sparring at sea.  but that is a whole other post and story.

 So do GIANTS show us that Wisdom always overcomes Ignorance?  Harry potter didn’t do so bad. What does this say about huge multi corporation industries(oil, guns trade, drugs trade, most governments)  who in ignorance will do anything to protect their own agenda and interests – bullying, control, destroy the earth even? These are the giant monster of today. I don’t see anyone hero coming to our home to rescue it and us; but us folk who stand together and use our wits, can bring down the biggest and scariest of monsters. We just need to overcome our fear.



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  1. Congratulations on your upcoming marriage. Glad your daughter is OK. Take your time and rest, relax and enjoy.


  2. Insightful post. I related to the part about the giant corporations and institutions…on a grassroots level we can effect change. One of my heroes is Lech Walesa…amazing that he helped bring down the communist regime in Poland. Thank you for a great post.


    • Thank you so much! I don’t know him but had a quick look on google. A humble electrician to presidency -I am impressed. Thank you for taking the time to read my post and comment and thank you for the follow xx


  3. Nter the Cranium

    I have a theory that giants are angels. The ignorant and “dopey” nature could be a higher power testing our morality. In these stories you reference, notice how the hero inflicts pain somehow on the giants. Giants could be very much misunderstood due to their physical appearances but below the surface the may have more meaning than we think they do.

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  4. I’m very placid and have extraordinary patience but I do blow occasionally. The other evening I verbally blew my top at the girls for playing up – my little one burst into tears. After I felt awful, it was possibly more scary seeing me like this as it doesn’t happen often. So yes, seeing a larger person in full angry mode can scare just as much as an ogre!

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  5. No kidding, i would hide in the cupboards, my father use to beat the shit out my mother an i!

    love an sweet kisses chris

    Nonetheless i won’t change a moment of my life!

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    • Yes, the people we first know can be monsters xxxx hugs.. You have a great attitude to life Chris.

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      • Don’t get me wrong, i loved my father, over accepted the fact,

        by missing one moment,

        i would have been a different man!

        i’m happy in my skin, most times.

        i’m only human for the moment until i rid myself of this organic form!

        Nonetheless i will enjoy the remainder of my human experience…

        Would i be wrong in saying;

        Mrs.. DaisyWillows?

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      • No matter what our parents do we can’t stop living them. Well, I can’t. I feel thee same way. I wouldn’t change anything that has happened because then I wouldn’t be me. and a soon to be Mrs Daisy Willow 😉


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