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So I am doing my usual catch up with all your lovely blogs and came across Rob’s blog. I’m sure we all know what a cool blog ¬†this is. I love his take on taking the time to show his appreciation to our blogging community. The best way is to say it with flowers ūüėČ ¬†beautiful

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Beliefs (7) Are you Good or evil?

Last post on this topic for a month. To day I’m exploring one of the oldest religions that sounds like rastafarianism but clearly to my ignorant mind is not . It is in fact, Zoroastrianism. ¬†This religion has it’s origin in Persia or Iran as we know it today.

The creator is wholly good. His name is Ahura Mazda – ‘lord of wisdom’. I’m ¬†not sure if he ever endorsed the car company Mazda. It is a possibility. Stranger things have happened in this life we live in.

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 He is beyond wise, he is everything that evil and chaos is not.  No snake is gonna get away lying to this God dude.

Being a God can be hard work so even a this dude needs a bit of help. He uses his seven creations- the divine spirits.

Spenta Mainyu is the ¬†Ahura’s favorite spirit because she is his agent and does his will.

If you have watched ‘Allo ¬†Allo’, Spenta is this character:


Like all good stories ,Ahura needs a nemesis. He has the ultimate nemesis his evil twin – Arihman.

He is beneath (pun) him. Ahura will never accept that his dark twin is his equal.


So the two are constantly locked in  a good old fashioned battle of Good versus Evil.

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Somehow Spenta- the secret agent is always in the middle of these two’s ¬†little spats. It is a mystery how or what the exact relationship is amongst the three.

Oh, another small fact РAhura  Mazda Рalso created humans whom he gave free will. I think that could have been one of the days he was having  a bit  of an off  day in his judgements. Just take a look around at our beautiful world or what is left of it.

Us , humans were granted with a massive responsibility to buck up , keep the world in a state of order.

Denounce all evil thoughts and behaviours known as druj -or the dark-side as many of us know it.

They did this by only speaking good things, doing good things, being pretty fucking good- not the best but just –

good enough– this goodness is called asha

Evil twin constantly tries to ¬†shake things up and ¬† rebels. He’s like

” Humans? Why so serious? C’mon lets have a party.”


” How do you know you are being good if you have never tried living in ¬†chaos? Maybe the true good lies in chaos” – this is a cunning tactic.


This is all hearsay of course. So don’t quote me on the exact words.


Mazda found or created this highly good dude called – Zoroaster., who went on to¬†hire a bunch of humans to do good shit. This was Mazda’s ultimate weapon against his twin.

‘Good will prevail’is the main belief of these optimistic folk.

Mazda, like many before and after him ,wanted to create a perfect world- a Utopia,I guess. I could argue that what one thinks is an idea of a perfect world is not necessarily what everyone else thinks is the perfect world.

I’m just putting that out there.

Just to be sure that Good had a better chance of defeating evil, Mazda had a couple more tricks up his sleeve.





He created an invisible spiritual world which contained a perfect being. This was meant to fool his evil twin.

He also came up with a pretty potent collection of words known as the ‘Ahunaver’ prayer which blasted his twin into back into the darkness. No light – nothing.

I’m tired after all this work. Finally Mazda created a ¬†tangible form to ¬†his spiritual world

He’s not gonna risk taking any more bullshit and so, the bull is created as the primal ¬†animal.

What about us humans. Never fear.

He may be weary but  he reveals his perfect spiritual  being and turns it into a real life  human being.

His idea of making us humans decide to side with bad or evil completely absolves him of any duty or responsibility. Crafty or what?

Did you think that his tricks worked on the greatest trickster of them all? His twin.


This is the bit where his  nemesis got really pissed off , he has licked his wounds and recovered and murders the bull and the human. He has a few gifts to bring to us.

All wrapped up with their own name tags.

One: Starvation

Two: Pain

Three: Disease

Four: Lust

Five: Death.

Quite a generous bloke is this nemesis of Mazda ( who may or may not be sponsored by Mazda -the car brand)


  • Zoroastrianism religion give us personal responsibility to ¬†do good and act morally

  • Human virtues: to practice daily include: Truthfulness, Loyalty,Tolerance, forgiveness,respect for ones Elders and keeping promises. All our choice

  • Human vices :not to practice are Anger,Arrogance,vengefulness,bad language ¬†and Greed

  • If you follow this religion you will be judged twice- yes, twice. Once when we die and the other is the last judgement.

  • People can redeem themselves and have the choice to act morally in the after life.

    • Only when good supersedes evil will a new ¬†saviour in the world be born –Saoshyant ¬†to revive the world.

So lets recap

Our creator is 100% good.

But,  people  can see  both evil and good

No evil can come from Good

So, evil needs to a completely separate creation to  the 100% good God

We have choice. We are encouraged to help our good creator challenge the bad and the evil in the world.

That is it until May 2016. Beliefs will continue to follow ¬†with ‘the rise of ancient and classical beliefs.’

See you then ¬†ūüôā



‚ÄúIf you spent your life concentrating on what everyone else thought of you, would you forget who you really were? What if the face you showed the world turned out to be a mask… with nothing beneath it?‚ÄĚ
‚Äē Jodi Picoult¬† ¬†


I don’t know about you but I expect only the best from myself. I do this and I set myself up to fail or I am shocked when I succeed. ¬†Can you believe that a lot of people who’s aims and expectations are to succeed when we do succeed -this is the one thing that terrifies them? SUCCESS.

We all have expectations and they have a habit of reflecting yourself and your expectation in other peoples eyes.

Now not only do you have expectations but you interpret that everyone has these expectations of you. Not necessarily true.

It is scary when someone decides to lean on you for survival

Someone you love  gets ill

You suddenly start achieving your goals and you have finally got peoples attention. EEEK. Now what? you feel under-qualified

You have to get Triple A+’s on your exams or papers

You need to blow your work targets through the roof

¬†Work like a demon,Get into shape and look like a boss on your wedding day ¬†ūüėÄ

The list is endless.

This quote reminds me to do only what I can. I don’t want to lose myself in ‘I shoulda and I coulda’s

I don’t want to ever have to wear a mask again. I’m transparent ,what you see is what you get. I like being this way.

There is more than something going on inside me but I and you need to be kind to yourself.

Happy Thursday!