Blogging and Identity

More honesty? 

Okay so I got it into my head I’m off to stumble upon land and it is a new continent , I have no travel trip advisor book. It’s good for inspiration but there is so much information on there. The sad/ weird/ ironic/ ashamed-insert whatever feeling -you can relate to.

Truth is I went on their to find personal blogs like the ones I read on here and I couldn’t find any. It’s cool giving a thumbs up or down to a post but none of them were personal. I’m sure there are loads of personal blogs/guest posts to be found within the million of other blog websites. Then there are the followers like me who follow the same kind of content  that tickles their toes. 

The truth … I keep coming back here.

Me and my big ego.

I’m still finding my way in the blogo-sphere and some days it’s all to easy to get caught up in numbers and followers. Then my authentic self kicks in and I realise I want people to like what I WANT to write. Yes, it’s good to mix things up – experiment; but for me, I want to write about my life and experiences as well as posting inspiring quotes and facts and talk about things that are ‘Trending’ . Like the title says. I DON’T WANT TO LOSE MY IDENTITY. I’m not generic. 

So, Daisy is back on here – well many will know I never really left for too long but I  am bit more humble than yesterday. Oh, I will probably get on my high horse again but one thing I refuse to change about my writing and that is to never hide my true feelings and thoughts. My victories, my defeats, my lessons learned, my gaffes..  all shall be paraded across these screen pages.

I’ve only been around for 6 months!

I will still recommend checking out stumble upon- it is only 14 years old- hahaha. I bet you are all chuckling away -going – that girl trying to run with a fish tail. 

It’s all a learning curve. Still casting my net but forever a student -ready to learn. 

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  1. Advanced Research Technology

    Haha! Glad you’re back. 😀


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