To be honest….

Been puffing away at my banana flavoured E vape these past couple of days. I’ve hit a lull in blogging. Since Sept 2015. I have not had one day I didn’t have something to post about.Now I am starting to doubt my content. Too long ? too short? boring? not enough flowery words?


I’m not trying to make money out of blogging. Some people do. I started blogging to get my writing out there and see what people thought. I now have followers following my blog! – none of who were friends to begin with or family.I feel like I am blessed.  At first,I was upset that the people in my life didn’t didn’t support me. Then again why should they? If I support them in their projects then that is my choice and they too have choice. I’ve found some amazing bloggers on reader.

I am casting my net a bit wider now and have jumped into a bigger pool of water –STUMBLE UPON IT. Anyone want to join me?  There are so many bloggers on the  word reader feed that need a bigger platform. Me included. New challenges urge me to go on. I love being able to express myself in a way that doesn’t mean I  have be locked behind bars. I’m only human and I have discovered I need to grow as a writer and I want others to reciprocate. I want people to get my style.

Yes, I write  for myself and I have come a long way without using all the html tricks. I don’t know how to use. I put in the time to read peoples posts about whatever shit is going on. I have kind of got to the point where I need to decide whether I continue to support those who are unable to reach back. I comment a  lot on peoples posts and I just get a like. Is thatt I  am at that point where I feel I  could have said ‘You are a knobhead’ and still got a thumbs up like. NOT ALL BLOGGERS ARE LIKE THIS.

So I  am casting my net to wider parts of the blogo sphere. I will still be on word reader reading the posts I truly get. There are a few posts/blogs I don’t get and I can’t try and get all of you like I have been doing. I can’t.  This is the next bold step in blogging for me.

I’ve always been truthful and I won’t change speaking my mind- blunt and to the point.

So here is to breaking free from the lull and trying something new. We need change otherwise nothing will every change and we won’t move forward. I don’t need a google image quote to make my point. At least I don’t think I do.

(image is source from Google pics)

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  1. I was foing to say the same, don’t disappear. I read your posts, all the way through, some people’s I get a bit bored with and move on. You are awesome, write well and are really interesting. I love how honest you are and the way you support others xxx

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  2. Advanced Research Technology

    I’m not actually commenting. All I am doing here is giving you a like. Juuust kidding. Stumble Upon It, huh? Hopefully there won’t be any noobs. 🙂

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    • Haha yes. U never comment on anything I post haha. I’m still going to b on here but I’m going to spend more time on stumble. It’s great to for content. Thing is I haven’t found one blog yet that has bloggers talk about their feelings. I get a lot of that here. I also wanted to let other bloggers know there is another way to find content and blogs and be inspired or put their stuff on there. Sharing is caring right?😆. I guess there are one or two blogs that I’m not feeling and I can’t like everyone’s writing. I apreciate the struggle or what drives them to write but I can over stretch myself at times. I want everyone to feel listened to and I can’t do it. It’s kind of impossible for now😕 you should take a looklook.

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  3. wwwpalfitness

    Hi, I will tell you something to do to help with your wider net. Add categories and tags. Then get out of your comfort zone and write different stuff. At first, I only started in hope of getting some local clients and I literally have 1 person within 30 miles of me. I stayed like this for 3 months and was pretty frustrated. I forgot that I knew how to write but it had been a while. I added free style poems and started short and used the reader before changing and adding styles. I had never written various poetry forms of poetry and I did my first late September. I story wrote, did explicit stuff, adult funny stuff, writing as a guy and a girl, pet related, horse racing, food, movies, reviews and I just kept adding.

    I typically would go through my followers daily and never could comment and so many people have the continue reading split and I did that for a short while. But I found myself writing 10-20 posts a day and I like to share good articles and new writers to get them exposure. I did go apeshit a few times and wrote and reblogged over 70 posts in a day and it diluted my likes and views. I hit my highest numbers writing around 5-10 with a couple of reblogs.

    Anyway, I hope I gave you a little bit of useful help. It took me 3 months to get to 20 followers and then in about 6 weeks I was over 200.


    • Thanks for taking the time to give me all this advice I’m going to take it on board. I am looking to write in different ways. Like u say look at writing in styles and subjects out of my comfort zone that is where I think stumble will be usefully. Thanks again

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      • wwwpalfitness

        You’re welcome. I started free style, then my first Haiku, then an Acrostic, then a few doubles, then I made my own, then I added Limericks and I did combos. I like the challenge and changing from one to another. Though I try not to write more than 3 in a sitting to allow them to be seen and I give time for them to be seen.


  4. Don’t disappear though will you? xxx

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