Four quotes that get me through the day

The featured image quote is a random one I found this morning. It’s not a mantra of mine but it is possibly a good one to filter into our thoughts. So when I came across it I thought

“How apt-  you lovely quote is my post feature image.”

 These three mantras keep me going – sharing is caring right?

They work because I tell myself this every day, as many times in a day as I can. A lot of the times I don’t even believe them but I keep saying them out loud or in my mind. I never stop telling myself these.

Think of mantras as mini prayers you tell yourself.. I find this way of looking at mantras makes sense to me.


 The other one I say to myself is

“If I am going to do it give it all I have got..”

(All images sourced from Google images)



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  1. Positive self talk is so so so important, this is awesome. Thanks for sharing and all the best!

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