You  know when you fall out with someone? Say you kind of knew one another years a ago and then met up again and had to meet up again. We made that happen- well I did- one night. I wanted to drink. I wanted to get pissed, soak up as much nostalgia as I could. 

Cocktails in a pub, turned to vodka, sambuca, dagga and my  extensive benzo cocktail medication at his house. I got ridiculous. Something happened. An argument? We fooled around. I’m going to say common sense and a conscious stopped anything too serious to occur. I admit that may just be  the glossed over version. 


 I didn’t have a knife in my hand. I was in the bathroom not in the shower. No blood but looking for my mobile phone. Stumbling about in a nebulous haze.

‘1984’ the book that first drew your eyes to that word ‘ nebulous’ . The person to make me look up its meaning .  If I could sum up that whole might in one word -NEBULOUS  would be it. 

An argument. I took offence  to the the word ‘psycho. I’m too sensitive for my own good. You were going to call the police.

WHAT WARRANTED THAT?  I walked home. Again I was told I am mad because I wouldn’t get a taxi. I was drunk, fucked up -confused, sad- offended- my pride……

Indeed my pride is why I sent you that email – everything thing I knew about you I used against you. You retaliated. I cried. But what did I expect after calling you what I did. I deleted the messages and blocked you. I forgot and then I remembered. We had fallen out before. 

Lately I have been wondering if you meant what you said. I’m glad I deleted the message because I can’t go back and read what you thought of me. I want to reach out but pride won’t let me. I’m sorry! I know we were both fucked up and you were just a bit of a dick and I  was reckless- a bitch? A psycho ?  but I know that is not the true you and I know who I am and what kind of person I am. 

This is the best way of getting YOU out of my system. What I really wanted was your friendship but I guess impulses got in the way.

Do I feel better?  

I will. I mean,

I’m only human.


I mean I am human.

Being human doesn’t come with a Genie with the voice and comic timing of Robin Williams…  

It does come with a daughter and my husband to be,  a wedding,a trip to Orlando and a career. I’m not Daisy circa 2009 or even Daisy circa last night. I do however have too much heart and not enough sleeves to show it. 

No regrets. 

Only silver linings….. and  a heart free of anger and one filled with ‘I wish you well and have to let you go’ Your happiness precedes my Ego,my  pride and my curiosity.. 


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  1. You have a great prose style. It’s just really noticable–how you play with sentence structure to convey emotion. I’m kind of a nerd and notice things like that. 😛 Love “too much heart and not enough sleeves to show it”

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  2. Advanced Research Technology

    Sometimes the best endings are simply detached. “/

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  3. thehumanhurricane

    Sounds so very similar to a so called ‘friend’ I had and a New Year’s Eve of very similar circumstances. I have blocked this person forever and will no longer entertain them in my life. It does not mean that I do not want them to find happiness, it just means the cocktail of he and I together is lethal. And I’m taking my component away to a safe place where my life is protected.

    Swerve this person, they mean you no good Beautiful xxx

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  4. awesome that your happiness takes priority. wishing you well!

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