Taking some needed TLC

Rome wasn’t built in a day and if it were it would not be the tourist spot it is today. Today I’m chilling. I managed to catch up with on some posts I’ve missed. I do find reader a bit irritating because sometimes I’m scrolling down 10 posts of the same blog. I think it’s awesome you have so much to write about and the topics are mostly awesome but I want to catch up on more than just 10. I’m ranting.

While I am at it. I’m working on this project – today I will share the link with you . there it is TAH DAH!  At the moment you will have to work from the bottom to the top until I figure out how to make it more reader friendly 😀 – Think of it as a bit of brain gym for the day.

It’s all about challenging your body image. I am getting a lot from it because I am forced to research on each body image related themes and then post my feedback. I do realise that not everyone has time to do thesesactivities but it would be awesome to get some feedback on what I am feedbacking if that makes sense?


RECENT NEWS: I had a huge panic attack yesterday in front of a bunch of people I didn’t know.I don’t think they realised it but I ran out of that place terrified -got on the the bus and was seized by my ex’es nasty side kick friend, Duncan Doughnuts’ looming face,  not  in a security guard uniform, following me and my daughter around the supermarkets and generally intimidating us, instead  he is now a bus driver who looks like he is on a mass unaproved suicide massacre mission. clearly he is still hating. I was like -‘fuck why now?’ and then I thought ‘Get over it!’ Lose the grudge, you know what I mean?

NEWS UPDATE: I’m mainly chilling today. Catching up on blogs, working out. Doing things that make me feel good and chilled. NOT  having panic attacks. Researching and putting together the next part of my ‘body image awareness project.

Oh and of course being an awesome Ma, daughter and wife to be 😀


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