You are not invincible.

Morning/ Evening all,


I managed to catch up with a few of your blogs yesterday and I aim to continue as soon as I can. There are a few bloggers I am concerned about and need to find out they are doing. I’ve been working hard on my ‘Body Image’ project – this morning. Today’s’ theme is- the ideal body’.  I’m not going to go into it now because this post is not about that. I do want to put in a couple of quotes of what I am thinking  is still  fresh in my mind. I’m finally going to do my ‘Co-production awareness training’ work shop today. So no blogging and reading until then. Excited about the work shop  but want multiple heads!  NOT TOO MUCH TO ASK!


We are all going through our battles. I find so much inspiration and new perspectives from all of you. Blogging is the best thing I ever started doing. I’m sure I am not alone in this thought. I think you know that I’m not just going to scroll and like every post because I am in a rush. You should – no!  you must know me better than that. I might not comment straight away  and this is only because I put time into what and who’s blogs I  read. 

I hope you all have an awesome day. I be catching up ASAP. Never stop blogging!

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  1. Busy women are you!

    i see that you favoured a comment..

    kiss kiss chris

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  2. Advanced Research Technology

    Hi Daisy. Life is interesting in that we can’t do it all. I too had to forego blog reading for a day or two to take care of a very special Bloggers Recognition Award given to me by a very special person.
    I’m finding I cannot read every blog anymore, even of my most favourite bloggers. I would be reading all day! That is something I wouldn’t mind, but it might render the rest of my life unproductive.
    I now try to touch on everyone as best as possible and as I’m led. Some posts get missed. Oh well! I’m there in spirit if not in person.
    The universe has a way of sorting all this out and leading the right people to the right post at the right time.


    • Hi 🙂 Too true. You deserve that award 😀 – I’ve decided I am going to take some time to stop writing and enjoy my evening catching up with as many of us as possible. True, some posts will be missed but I think as long as the best intention is there- we can only do what we can do – haha Wise words about the universe — a hint of fate and destiny in those words 🙂 I think we do both create our reality and are destined to be and do things. I guess that is a whole new conversation for another time. Thank you for what you said about me and my blog in your BRA. Hhaah -yes, in your bra …. You know what I mean 😀

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  3. I second your thoughts here. Blogging has ended up playing a big positive part in my life. And knowing someone reads the words I have spun always makes me feel good. Thank you for the visits you have made to my blog, and the wonderful comments too.

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    • Hey Deb, it has certainly done the same for me. I’ve had a productive day, been to the gym, going to have a bath and then chill out and catch up on my fellow bloggers. 😀 And thank you for being awesome and commenting on my blog too x

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