This a new project I have created. it is inspired by two things. It is ‘National Eating Disorder week’ soon.   I’m currently in the early stages of setting up a eating disorder support group. This takes time, so I thought that in the mean time I would find something productive to do  which may help me and others in the future. The aim of the this project is to challenge mine and other peoples perceptions on ‘body image’. This is a new venture for me. I’m making it public. I’m also learning more about word  press in a different way.. Feel free to engage- if not I will be here to engage 😀 – I’m am all for pushing my boundaries and getting myself out there. I can’t think of any better time than the present to promote a positive body image through different activities.  it is a challenge for me  too.It would be awesome to get some feedback. It is also awesome that I get to try something totally new and a theme I am very close to- Mental health and promoting -positive mental health and mental health self management. Each day I will set out an activity to do.  I will do the activities too. It requires degree of commitment but you are not affecting me if you don’t engage. If that makes sense. I’ve explained my agenda and all I am doing is sharing anything I learn from this endeavour of mine


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