Fed up of the takers

Feeling frustrated. I need to find a community of bloggers who need to talk about their mental health issues and not what perfume they bought last week. Or the fact that they are single. I do post on a variety of topics but Mental health is a topic close to my heart. People like poetry, 5 things to tell yourself when you get bum ache. I don’t have anything against these posts but EVERYONE on this planet has MENTAL HEALTH- I am sick of the stigma. I am sick of everybody wanting someone to read their post but won’t take 5 minutes to support a person who is struggling. A person who may only have their blog as a support in life. Yes, mental illness is mostly not a barrel of laughs but I would love to see people supporting other people who are struggling..  I read a lot of blogs and take the time to comment. I then read blogs and people are trying to reach out for one supportive comment. No likes – not one comment. 

WHY? Can anyone explain to me why this is? THIS IS MY RANT. My next post will probably be on happiness or angels or something but that doesn’t mean I can’t be real and support people who need it..

WE ALL HAVE MENTAL HEALTH and you never know what is going to happen in life that tips you over on to the bad side of mental health.

That is it. I’m done. 

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  1. Following up on @glutenfreelady, to reach out the world beyond wordpress – you could also use social media (twitter and instagram) and hastags the crap out of it to reach out to these people. Add your bloglink to your profiles and direct people. Those who want to communicate will reach out to you!

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  2. glutenfreelady

    I hear you. It’s similar for me in that I blog about being gluten free and not everyone can relate. What I do is put search tags into the search on the reader when searching for other blogs. It is s bit of a give and take. My issue is that hardly anyone outside WordPress reads my blog. I was hoping to reach people other than other bloggers. I hear your frustration. Mental health is a bit of s taboo subject. Don’t let it get you down. The people that care will support you.

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  3. I guess it happens because Mental Health generally is viewed as sort of taboo topic and people fear speaking about it and the other half really we know nothing about the topic.

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    • Ignorance and fear are two things that cripple a community. Oh yes and lack of communication. I don’t see why it is taboo not now. With all the research and what we know about the mind and body connection it is so frustrating that mental health is still seen as a taboo!

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  4. I do follow a few blogs that focus on mental health issues and have a healthy following with loads of comments in their posts. I would love to think it is more of a give or take thing and not that these blogs are being ignored because of their content. Of course, I could be wrong. But what I have noticed in the few months I have been blogging is if you reach out to other bloggers…they tend to do the same. And they are pretty supportive too. At least the people I follow.

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    • That is all I can do is reach out and support. I guess not everyone wants to support the ‘underdogs’. I have always felt supported on a rough day and a good day. I reach out to all types of bloggers and they have reached out to me. I just hate the idea of reading a post and someone is is on the verge of suicide or something and one comment -two or three words could make that person feel a part a community. Deb. I’m going off line for a bit. I sound like I am tying to be a martyr. I know. just get angry at how false the blogging world can be.

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      • Nter the Cranium

        Hi. I came into this blogging community around the same time as you and you actually made me feel that I was part of something. I followed your blog and I am so great full that you are one of the first people to like and comment on my blogs!

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  5. I can’t tell you why this happens. Wish I could! 😦

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  6. thehumanhurricane

    Absolutely. Spot on xxx

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  7. Amelie Murphy

    It is terrible that there is a stigma attached to mental illness. Only today, I have been to see my doctor. I was diagnosed with depression. I am not ashamed. It’s a chemical imbalance in the brain, therefore, not something I can “snap out of.” The difficulty in talking about it in a blogging sense , for me, is that I don’t want to come across as negative or attention seeking. When I’m at my lowest I have paranoid thoughts that people hate me, and they are talking about me behind my back. The times when I should be seeking support, are usually the times when I isolate myself from the world.

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    • If people understood more about the brain and what the brain looks like when it is not well and lacking certain chemicals or unable to connect to synapses. If people could just see and try and understand – I’m really pissed off. Every blog website is to some extent attention seeking. Sharing mental health stories and struggles are positive- not negative. I mean there are so many posts about empowering yourself, being kind to yourself, saying yes to being authentic. Where is the reciprocation. The support on helping people learn how to feel empowered… I’m in a foul mood. We all have free will etc.. Most posts are self indulgent to a degree. -Why should you shut yourself away? No! This world is messed up. I bet if you posted on a beauty product to make you thin or a book to make you rich -people would be flocking to posts. Some people have their priorities all messed up. I’m not targeting anyone specifically. Not apologising for this rant. I feel soo much better. I’m just not bothering with reader tonight. I’m going to take a bit of me time. I’v taken the tie to follow up on a few bloggers who need the support and that is me done for a while -:0

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