Lovely to wake up to find out that Gone with the wheat has nominated me  ‘BLOGGER RECOGNITION AWARD’.  THANK YOU ! This website is full of recipes and ideas on how to enjoy living a gluten free diet. I know a few people who can’t have gluten or dairy in their diet, so this is a remarkable blog website to have in the blogo-sphere. This is my first time I have been nominated for this award. It’s an awesome feeling to be recognised by one of my fellow bloggers. I have gone into great detail of why I have nominated these 15 blogs. I’ve only been blogging since September 2015. 

This is how is how the format for this blog award goes:

  •  Give a ‘shout out’ to the blogger who nominated you  and include a link to their blog.

  • Nominate no more than 15 bloggers of your choice. When choosing a  blogger for ‘the Recognition Blogger Award’, look at the content of what the blogger posts, the way the blog looks, anything unusual and unique that makes you think this blog needs to be  shared and needs a bigger platform.

  • Link your nominees and let them know they have been nominated.

  • Reveal seven facts about yourself.

Here are my 15 nominees that I  think deserve to be put in the spotlight for being   inspiring and awesome with what they write about. I read these blogs as much as I can. I  also feel  interaction with all bloggers is crucially important in the blogging world community.

Alyssa’s second life – didn’t feel I would get what this blogger’s content was about, but I have fallen in love with how poetically she writes, how she expresses about ‘Second life’ and her experiences living it,  in a such a way, that I am blown away by the depth and the emotions that come up from reading her posts in a virtual life. 

Tangerine wallpaper – I’ve been following Cheyenne since I started blogging. She is a huge supporter of my blog. I didn’t think I would get a blog that includes ‘crocheting’ in their header but her blog is so much more  than that. She blogs about anything from  ‘Book lists, music, food, confronting your privileges and self -care -that is just four topics. She is also a proud feminist just like me. 

thediaryofmrsordinary– SarahMay is  a new blogger  I have started following. There is nothing ordinary about Sarahmay and her life. She may seem like she has the perfect life but she has kept hold of so many secrets, the only place she feels comfortable sharing is through blogging. I feel she needs to blog more and she needs support from her fellow bloggers. 

fonzandcancer -another new blogger I am following. Her posts are inspirational and always leaves me looking at life in a new perspective. Her courageous fighting spirit shines through in her writing and there is not a hint of self-pity; which is remarkable considering the  journey  she is going through, and all  she has been going/gone through. She is optimistic and of course I don’t expect all her posts to be like what I have read so far; because we all have good and bad days. She makes me think about how I see my own life. 

Becoming Katie Butterfly -Katrina’s story is harrowing. I don’t know how a person can go through so much and still come out with no resentments and willing to share her story. She is brave and her site is all about empowerment- credit to this lady. 

Advanced research technology– Again I didn’t know what to expect when I came across this blog website. I am constantly blown away by the content and how this blogger expresses how science and spirit connect.  Not as heavy going as it sounds, trust me. I have also had a lot of support and guidance from this  blogger who truly interacts and you know that this blogger is taking in what I post – the proof is in the comments. 

plotlessone– shares little  life snippets and poems that I can actually understand. This blogger is to the point, short and doesn’t waffle. 

bingebeaterblog– another soul that is trying to cope with mental health issues. I am a huge supporter of of other bloggers with mental health issues -good,bad and in between because it is an issue I can relate too. This blogger has a knack of getting emotions out  into words that don’t ‘go around the houses’ – this blogger’s posts reveal the true struggle of someone battling with an eating disorder. 

dbsthoughtsblog– again a blog I  follow that I can relate to  100% – a chronicle of a person with mental/physical health issues. This blogger is a fighter and I can only admire a fighter and some one who refuses to give in. 

kidscrumbsandcrackers– Lisa -is not the kind of Mom to  complain about her kids. She always brings a smile to my face with her refreshing posts and her almost child like take on life being a mom and a parent.  She reminds me not to be so ‘grown up’ and remember that a sense of humour is crucial in this world we live in. 

The life, poetry and art of a bipolar girl–  I champion people that use the power of words to tell their story and work through their mental health issues. There are good times and rough times but I feel that this blog gives a realistic and honest account of living with a mental illness. I also found out that this blogger is a pretty talented poet. The title is misleading because she only shared a bunch of her poems the other day. Again poetry that is not flowery and takes me months to figure out. Just straight to the point and powerful

itsgoodtobecrazysometimes – a new blog I have discovered.  This blogger talks a lot about mental health, the benefits system in the U.K., is so generous. An established blog. Most of the posts I have read have been about sharing other blog websites and interviewing people who happen to have good and bad mental health. We all have metal health.btw. A bit quirky but I like this bloggers style of writing. 

life of Mon— I can’t believe this blogger is only 19! This blogger has got her head screwed on. She is a true writer, with a sense of humour. This blogger doesn’t want a bunch of likes- (well we all do) but this blogger actually wants to interact. She tells you what she thinks right from her -‘about me’ page. Shares genuine posts and gives an insight into how a person from her generation perceives a range of topics. This blogger challenges my beliefs.

Breaking Sarah– recently started following this blog. I read her ‘about me’ and I thought to myself can I regularly read about posts that make me want to sterilize people  thinking of having a child. I think their should be a test or some kind degree that needs to be achieved to become a parent. At least that is what Sarah initially made me think. Another courageous person who wants to spread love, positivity and to connect with people and not be ashamed of their stories. From dark beginnings, Sarah’s blog has so much light to give. 

chroniclesofimimperfectlyperfect– an authoress – in her own words. Yes, love powerful and inspiring women (and men) . The title of this authoresses blog speaks to me. We are all flawed. I find some of this bloggers posts quite philosophical. In the way that I don’t stick my finger up my nose and go ‘huh’ .She writes in a a way that doesn’t make me feel I need to retreat to Tibet for 20 years to understand what she proposes. If that makes sense. I’m always hooked in when I read her posts.

JGoodWithSports– this is a bit of a random one. I’ve recently started following this  blogger because super bowl was on Sunday and my partner and his mates are super-bowl mad. I like thinking out of the box and exploring new interests. I’ve never been a massive sports fan but I enjoy finding a way to blow my partners mind with knowledge of all his hero’s and this bloggers approach to writing about his sports heroes,  is so passionately put across ,that I find myself enjoying finding out about sports heroes who would have thought? 


  1. I’m a hermit

  2. I work with mental health charities

  3. exercise keeps me sane

  4. I  have a soul mate

  5. My daughter is an old soul

  6. I’m one of those ‘still waters run deep’ people

  7. I have mental health issues and I have epic days and shit days. 

That’s all folks! 




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  1. Well done DaisyWillows. Thank you. 🐞

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  2. Congratulations on being nominated for the Bloggers Recognition Award … nice to meet a fellow nominee. It is hard to believe that you just started in September 2015 … your blog looks well-presented and laid out and you are indeed a prolific writer. All the best and thank you for ‘liking’ my post.


  3. I was estatic when I saw what you wrote. I can’t take this goofy wide smile off my face. Thank you so much for all the warmth and all the nice words, I am really grateful! *hugs* I am stilll so excited!!!!! :3 😀 *double hug*

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  4. fatemazohra

    Thank you so much for the nomination. The heart and soul with which you read and convey your appreciation for other bloggers, I’m sure it inspires them to continue writing. At least for me, that has been the case.

    Thanks a lot. : )

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  5. Thank you so much! I will respond to this soon. In the meantime, checking out other bloggers! 😀

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  6. Congrats. Your content is amazing and inspiring. You totally deserve it.

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  7. Advanced Research Technology

    Thank you Daisy for the nom! It’s a wonderful list of authors you have here. I’m gonna follow a fistful.

    Liked by 1 person

  8. Bipolarpoet

    Thanks so much for the nomination!

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