Quality over Quantity-followers following.

I may be committing my own blogging life suicide here- but when has that stopped me from writing about my thoughts? Never. 

WOW! I started at 6 a.m. and it is now 17:37 p.m. of going through the blogs I follow. It has made me kind of sad and a  bit confused too. There are some bloggers who write so beautifully , have a story to tell, need support and some are so awesome but because no one likes their posts, I assume they give up!  There are a couple of blogging sites with 1000’s of followers but I didn’t connect with any of what they put in their post/s . I read more than one to gauge if it is a blog I will read and not just follow! Some people haven’t posted in so long that their blogs don’t even come up so I have no option but to un-follow. Then there is a blog I loved to read and I find out she is leaving this community and I have asked her to comment in a post of mine if/when she picks up blogging again so I can follow her blog again..

I may not have hundreds and thousands of followers. I started writing for myself and also  in the hope that I could connect with others. Having people follow my blog annd interact is the ‘dogs bullocks’ as they say in England.  I have done this and do this. I love reading the blogs I follow. I do NOT want to get into that ‘you follow my blog so I follow yours’ which is so easy to get caught up in .Then you find yourself scrolling down all the time to find some one you follow because you connect with what that blogger writes. There are a few blogs that still haven’t come up on word reader,  I want to explore their site more and what they are about -soemtimes time can be a big issue in exploring more sites. Blogs can be a bit like emotions, in my opinion. I  know that my emotions change frequently and it is only normal I will want to read blogs that connect with what I am feeling at any one time. That is why I don’t just follow one topic. I’m confidently assuming that I am not alone in this.

Here is what I am thinking : I’m not just going to follow blogs just  because someone has followed mine. If I follow your blog, I will interact with your blog.  I do check out every person who has followed mine and most of the time there is some kind of connection. Something that makes me think I will get something from reading xyz blog.

So I have had a clear out. I don’t limit myself to how many blogs I am going to follow. I want to make sure that wwhat pops up on my reader is what I want to read- be it sad, glad, mad- you get my point.

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  1. Beautifully said! Kindred spirits for sure. I write because I feel a kind of freedom that I don’t feel in my everyday life. My blog is one of the few things that I do completely for myself. It’s great when someone connects, but it’s not a criteria for me to write. When I don’t have anything to say I visit other blogs to see how others explore their world. It’s purely indulgent! 😉 G-uno

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    • I like your style too. There is nothing better than freedom of speech. well there may be some things but freedom of speech is powerful and super empowering.. I do the same. A lot of the blogs I follow can become a muse for a post. I love reading others thoughts. How we put it all down. The different approaches to writing. Blogging has filled a massive void in my life. Indulge we shall!

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  2. I totally get you here. I started my blog recently because I wanted to keep a diary again and keeping it online I just easier these days ( I have written diaries starting in 1995 up untill a few years ago) I want to keep a diary of my recovery as well. Im finding it quite hard to find people to follow, I don’t know why? I know what you mean about connecting though. I’ve been interested in all of your posts, I think it’s because you write so freely and honestly and that is a good quality to have. Keep on keeping it real sweetie xxx

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    • Yeah, I follow your blog and I sense you get a lot from it. I’ve also always kept a diary. There is so much we probably don’t know about the blogging world. Well, I don”t -I have only been blogging since Sept 2015 and I don’t always have the time to see how to reach/find other bloggers on my wave length. Supportive boggers. Aaaw and thanks for the compliments. Writing keeps me sane. I may not be a poet or write with poise and whatever- but I type pretty much what I am thinking and feeling without censoring it. Thanks for your support. ❤


  3. Advanced Research Technology

    Like you said, usually there is something in common that I can relate to when someone follows. This usually results in a follow back. However, if it is not in my interest arena, I don’t necessarily want to avoid it continually on my reader. Also, interest trumps frequency, but a dead blog may as well be a dead dog… gonna have to bury it.

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    • So true,It is like this morning. I woke up to a new follower which I am of course thrilled to bits but I have to be honest that is my damning and saving grace in life. I felt too much energy draining from me. It felt like I needed to fight this persons post. I am not here to change peoples thinking -well I can guide people. I just got this sense that I would come away angry and I don’t want that. I also woke up to three new blog followers and their posts were sad and inspiring and left me feeling able. If you get my meaning. It gave me hope. I work with Mental health charities ,so of course many blogs I follow include people struggling with Mental health issues. This doesn’t drain me in the same way as the last posts I read. I had something to say/ something to comment that wouldn’t drive me to want to get so angry over one persons opinion of a certain type of people.


      • Advanced Research Technology

        There’s a fine balance between what is helpful and hurtful and what we can help sort out and what we cannot. There are areas in which we are stronger and areas in which we would be better off not to approach. Most of us have a comfort zone.
        Many of us naturally want to help if we can. This is a very common attribute, especially in those that have gone through and have come out of or are coming out of difficult situations. The caution here is to widen, but not get too far out of our comfort zone. Even though we have overcome in areas, the negative energy from people still in the pit can drag us down. We need a proper mix of positive reinforcement as well as times where we can fulfill that need to reach out. It’s a cosmic juggle that only the moment will unravel.
        We have to been aware and well connected to our true selves in order to know just how this is best done.

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      • Advanced Research Technology


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      • Once again you gathered all the familiar words in my mind and put it into words on ‘paper’ and made sense of what I was really retying to sat 😀 How do you do this?


  4. Hey, that’s my idea as well. I don’t follow tons of the ‘big bloggers’ out there, nor do I follow blogs just because they liked a post or whatever. At the end of the day, I actually started my blog for me, and I didn’t really expect anyone to read it. It’s kind of disconcerting now people are reading it. I find myself censoring myself, so I don’t say as much.

    But that’s not the point of a blog. I don’t want to preface everything that I write with ‘trigger warning’, I just want to write. I sometimes wonder whether I should just make it private, but then I have met some bloggers I like.

    Anyway, Amen to you. Blogging is a weird thing, ain’t it?

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    • Yeah, it was like what you were saying in your post that I read earlier. I have got the point I mostly don’t care what people think about me. People will always judge. I can’t stop them from thinking their own thoughts. I do have control over the type of people/bloggers I connect with. My darkest secrets have been paraded around at times whether I have had the control or not. So this is why I don’t censor what I put down. Obviously I don’t want to offend any one and it may be a good idea to put some kind of ‘trigger warning’ r something to that effect if the content is heavy going or may divide opinion. At least if you want to post what is on your mind -you have warned people that they may not like what you have to write and the power and choice is up to them. 😀


  5. moonskittles

    The zeal is high at the beginning, but sooner or latter we do realize that more is not always better.

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  6. Amen. I regularly weed and follow blogs with which I wish to read and interact. Hello!

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