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This is a re blog from a blogger that writes with so much clarity. Simple and un-complicated. My agenda for re -blogging this is because I think it is an interesting take on how we- people who have mental health issues are expected to behave and our own expectations of how we are meant to look and be like with xyz illness. 


Today morning I had beautiful realization about freedom that I wanted to treasure in form of post and share with all of you.

The moment we identify our self with any thing we are trapped and bound for example if I identify my self as husband than I have to put my self in that role and standards for husband already defined by society . I have to act as per the standards , more or less. I can make slightly changes as per wish or comfort but by and large I have to have certain responsibility being a husband and behave in particular fashion.

Similarly I am father , son, employee, sub ordinate , neighbour , uncle , relative and so on.

I have more identification like I am human, I am male . I am young. I am beautiful. I am middle class. I live in India. I am Hindu.

Other identifications can be like I own a house and car . I have such and such property . I have that much bank balance.

Addition to that I can be identified by my educational back ground , knowledge and information or experience I have acquired.

Now you have got an idea what can be the possible identification we make in our life.

The moment we identify our self with any of this identification. We are bound to act or behave in particular fashion. Our freedom is gone. We are puppets of your own boundaries. We imprison our self . We feel burden in our life. If some thing does not happen any thing as per our wish in any of the role we play . We feel hurt and dejected. We are sad . Our happiness evaporates. Most of the time we are under pressure . We are stressed.

We have understood the problem now. This issue is universal applies on each individual of this planet, more you identify more intensely entangled you are.

Let us have a solution perspective now. It may look impractical but worth experimenting.

Today morning, when I was doing meditation. I have identified my self as nothing. I am form less , colourless, odour less , intangible. I am without shape , size , age , gender , religion .

When I say , “I ” and I am nothing . I am emptiness. I am silence .

I found my self , endless , infinite.

One who is just nothing . One who does start or ends. One who is no where and present every where. I am the one who is never born. I will never die. I am eternal .
Don’t name me . I am nothing. Even do not say me “nothing”. I am silence. I am the beyond brain capacity to understand.

I know , it’s easier said than done. This rule can’t be apply in real life.

But believe me this is only truth rest is illusion.

How it feel like being nothing in real life. It’s like life is fun. I have got a body to be like child . Play like child.

Child knows it’s play not real but enjoy the game. Similarly life is to have fun.
What ever is the out come of any event in our life. You are least effected .

Enjoy the life being like nothing and unite with infinite.

Remove all the tags , identifications. Practice self realization than life is ecstasy. Eternal bliss.

React to every moment in life like a child be present in the moment, play the game and move forward. Don’t entangled with out come.

Let the outcome this way or that way. Out come will not be permanent.

Nothing is permanent. Enjoy the impermanence of nature.

Only nothing is permanent. Nothing denotes here ” I”.

I is permanent and infinite. Enjoy this identification.

Enjoy” I”.

Celebrate “I”.

True” I”.

Be in ecstasy. Live in bliss. Eternal bliss.
Remove rest of the identification. They are snatching your freedom. Making you slave . Just be you. And you are nothing. But bliss. Only one identification. Just one.

Practice self realization.
Practice meditation. Unite the infinite.
You are infinite.

Nisthur Anadi.

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