Safe foods for Ed

 I have swapped Lorazepam for Diazepam and I know it is not the best way to approach my ED but it has to take the anxiety away. I’m back to eating “normally”. I’m avoiding sugar a much as possible because it seriously screws with my mood.

There are a few more ‘safe’ foods I want to eat again. Yes, I have put on weight but I have re-gained my energy to have a bloody good work out.  I still worry about my weight and how I look etc. but I am eating again. I am not heading back to the hospital. I follow a lot of blogs of people suffering -painfully suffering from their battle in their own eating disorders. I think the best way to help someone is to interact with. Feeling validated can turn a grey day into a sky filled with sunshine and possibly even a rainbow. ..


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  1. My lovely Daisy you are so sweet!! And I really think you should not worry about losing weight. Both men and women admire women who have a bit of flesh on them. I’m not talking about curves, just trying to say that when you are healthy, you do end up getting a glow to your skin and feel soft and tender. Feel ‘womanly’.
    I’ve a friend who is genetically size 0 and she is trying her best to gain weight. Coz apparently her male friends find fatter women attractive.
    Unless doc old u to lose weight, there’s no need to worry about it my love 🙂
    And most of the times if you don’t eat properly, your body hoards food and you actually get fat.
    If you eat properly your digestive system works well and you lose out on the extra calories. Trust me this is how it works!! 🙂
    Try to avoid butter and cheese and exercise well and you are gonna be fit as ever 🙂 Maybe get yourself some spas to get a softer skin 🙂
    And anyone who writes such beautiful posts is bound to be very beautiful 🙂 Model type bodies don’t really mean anything u know, guys don’t give dam about it 🙂 As long as you are a girl they are gonna be interested lol 😉
    Lots of love and big hugs to you hon!! ❤ ❤
    We are always with you 🙂


    • Sweet is lovely. I do love my sweets 😉 I do keep fit. I’m not in active self destruct mode. I’ve been kinder on myself and I agree with everything you have said. Especially the spa bit 😀 . Thank you for you lovely comment and awesome comments. What a lovely start to my day. Hope yours is brilliant! 😀 ❤ ❤

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  2. I love it when you comment on one of posts. I can be honest and you don’t judge you offer support andnuts lovely. You are a lovely, beautiful person xxx

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  3. Trust me. It’s going to be fine. 🙂

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