OWNED 100%

I’ve been reading loads of posts about cats. I am a crazy animal lover. I have an eccentric Bengal – called Tatiana.226488_1031252895607_4102_n

I’ve never had a Bengal before. I’m used to ‘pavement specials’ and Siamese cats. Tatiana has been the most complex lady I have ever known and lived with. I got her when she was 7 weeks old,I lived  on my own then  and she pretty much had me -OWNED!  I was unwell a lot of the first few years she was in my life. She never left my side.


In fact she found it comfortable to sleep on top of me or by my feet and if I so much a poked a toe out from the covers she would attack. She has drawn so much blood from me over the years. I  think she should start earning her keep and become a district nurse who takes blood regularly.


I took her everywhere in her little pink carrier. I spoilt her with love and affection. She was my first baby.

Major problems with her attitude started when my daughter started living at home again. Suddenly she would not come near our bed. Although my partner was the only man she accepted up until the day my daughter was finally back home.


For over a year decided her litter box wasn’t good enough and peeing next our sofa in the living room was a far better place. It was hell. My partner and I were at our ‘wits end’. We even cried tears over how we were going to deal with Tat’s. We spent a fortune on pheromone products. We tried shutting her in the kitchen at night and when we went out but she persisted.We tried to give her loads of affection and to ignore her. Nothing worked.

A few months ago my partner came up with a genius  idea -only because it has actually worked. We close the door at the bottom of the stairs at night and the result she doesn’t pee -well she can’t pee in her favourite spot any more. She uses her box again. She still is put in the kitchen if we go out. We had to get a new sofa.


I’ve suddenly realised what her problem is or was. Yes ,of course she was jealous of my daughter and all the attention she got from us. I feel so guilty  because I didn’t see that she is always by my side.


Maybe not on the bed or in an obvious place but she was/will always be by the door, or climb in the bath when  I am in the bathroom. I totally neglected her emotionally. I think she is starting to forgive me. It is amazing how much of a bond and how in tune we are .She sleeps when I sleep and wakes up (even of she is in my daughters bedroom) at the same time as me.

She kind of has to put up with my daughter, She doesn’t want to play with my daughter she wants me to play with her. I’ve been making that extra bit of effort. I do need a sock on my hand to play- she plays wild. She is 8 years old now and I love her to bits. We are building up our relationship again. Slowly I will get to the place where she stays on my bed for more than a few minutes. It’s a work in progress.


The other child of my life was Mocha. My uncle bought her for my 15th birthday and she travelled with me to France and to the U.K. – she died last year 18 years old. There are no words to describe the pain f watching her soul leave behind her body. I want to cry now.


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