Support long written posts

What annoys me most about myself, is when I am trying to read as many blogs as possible the length of some of the posts distracts me.  It sucks because a lot of my posts are super long. I have a lot to say. I wake up at 5 a.m. every day to get as much blog reading done as possible. I am more likely to read long posts at this time.

A few blog posts I read, I’ve noticed some writers get loads of likes for saying one sentence or post an inspiring quote which is cool.

That works well if I am in a rush. I just think the blogging community need to support longer post writers more.. It’s a competitive world. That’s it really. I support long written posts! I know we are all super- busy but if someone takes the time to read your posts, it’s only fair to try and reciprocate. Obviously, if you are half asleep halfway down. That is cool too. It is about trying and pushing yourself. That’s my quote of the day

” Try and push yourself to dedicate more time to your fellow bloggers” 


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