Beauty is……….

In my conquest to show the world that everyone has beauty in and outside of them. I mean everyone! In this cyber world with social media, it is so easy to get caught up in who and how many people have liked your selfies, profile pics,how many people follow you. Yes, I have wanted these too -I still have moments where I want to be ‘popular’ – approved of.

 I’m in constant conflict because what is propagated  as beautiful, is all bullshit. I am slowly coming round to the idea that for a long time I was superficial and I don’t know what has happened to make me change. Some kind of epiphany I suppose. Beauty comes from caring about others, not taking advantage of others – time/money, being true to who we really are. Embrace your Wabi-sabi There is no one definition of beauty ,I don’t care what the dictionary says  but I will put it’s  definition in  for arguments sake.

[MASS NOUN] A combination of qualities, such as shape, colour, or form, that pleases the aestheticsenses, especially the sight:

 Shapes: Who are these people that say that one shape is  beautiful?  Their are many shapes in the world: squares , triangles circles, heart shapes. Who has the right to define which one is more beautiful?

There a loads of shapes I’m not a fan of,  like a square shape but what if that square shape is filled with colour and is turned into a work of art- like a mosaic. The combination is what stands out and makes that shape beautiful.

Colour- the rainbow spectrum of colour is vast- we all have different colours: white , black, old people may have more blue veins to show. Who has the right to define which colour is the most beautiful?

All of these examples have some beauty in some capacity. I am not particularly fond of the colour brown, but I might wear the colour to contrast with say a colour I prefer such as yellow. The combination is what makes it  beautiful to me. 

Form – it could be a tree, a house, a river, the ocean, a car, a body.

I might hate the form of a certain type of tree but what if I built a swing and see my daughter swinging on the tree swing? That combination makes me think there is beauty in that image. 

Who has the right to define which form has more beauty? 

I do. We do. I’m sick of being fed celeb/ false fake media bullshit that tells me what beauty is and isn’t.

We are all entitled to our own idea of beauty. Our own perception. The point is is that we all have different percpectives. As varied as they are is as varied as beauty is. Beauty is made up of many components  not one single element. We mustn’t just see but really look and that is where true beauty is found.


Posed by model picture of a woman appling Make-up to her face for her christmas party

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  1. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. Sure there are certain shapes that are attractive to me, but that is subjective. But the people I hang with aren’t necessarily beautiful, except in the one place it matters, in the heart.


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