The secret to happiness: Close up shop and let yourself be free

Tradition: carnival

Date:February or March

Celebrated in Brazil

 I’ve decided to make a page dedicated to happiness. You must of heard of the  5 day holiday in Brazil? carnival time? These people have got their priorities in order. They know that happiness is not found in a spread sheet or a nine-to five job.  Every thing shuts down. Banks , shops. you name it and carnival is a time for letting loose and coming together to get creative and just be awesome. 

I   know we can’t all go to Brazil and express ourselves and let loose but we can create creativity at home with friends. Just find a way you can release yourself from the nonchalant mundaneness of your  everyday world. A great quote is  I have heard

Without a doubt,these are the times you will remember (letting loose) on your deathbed, not your regular nine-five

 ( Unknown)

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