The un organised bride to be

So, I’m only getting married in 4 months. 4 months! I’ve  not planned this very well. 

Invitations need to be sent out and paid for. I need to pay for my daughters dress. I need to meet up with my photographer and talk about what kind of photo’s I want. We are slowly building up a compilation of music. Decorations need to be chosen

The actual wedding: reception, ceremony , bridle suite, food and drink is sorted out. Paid for

I need a cake! I need RSVP’s – or I will have no one to celebrate with. 

The small , final details need looking at


Favors. rings. 

Personal vows: 

Oh wonderful husband of mine. You have put up with me. I am surprised you are still here. I promise to not be such a hermit. We met under the most painful time in my life. You swept me off my feet. I didn’t think for one moment you would every like little old me .You looked far too cool. Probably had loads of women flinging themselves at your feet. Yet, we got talking. You walked me home. I explained the situation with my daughter. I thought you would run for the hills. You have grown up so much in these 4/5 years. You stopped drinking. You help around the house- in fact you  do more than your fair share. I think my daughter has the most chilled out personality because of you. I’ve done shameful things and you still love me and want to grow old with me. I know you are my soul mate. We laugh so much together. We don’t really fight. I respect you. I’ve never opened my heart and soul and mind to anyone – family, friends- any one but you. When I have doubted myself -you have urged me to go on. You never put me down. Never. I can’t really find one wrong thing to say about you except you won’t wear a coat in winter. Oh and you are not as cool as I thought. You are a bit of a geek but I love you for that. Your heart is generous and forgiving, your mind -well your mind- is brilliant. You are so intelligent. I love our little debates and chats. Our families have the same sense of humour. You have helped me believe that I am beautiful. You love my soul. 

  • I vow to be loyal to you

  • To always be honest with you

  • To compromise

  • To be your mascot when there is something that you want to achieve

  • To try and not ask you if you think I am fat all the time

  • To get out more in the world and do things

  • extend our family

  • keep reaching for our dreams

  • I vow to never lose my sense of humour

  • I vow to never put you done

  • I vow to let  you get a pet duck – only joking. we are not getting a pet duck

These personal vow things are hard. So may be it will go something like that.  Or not….

I need to find out what the groom to be wants to wear. He is stubborn. ‘ No suits’, he says. I need a club. He needs a blow to the head to instil common sense and come around to my way of thinking 😀 I have my dress. Only 4 months left of torturing myself with daily exercise. 

I need to sort out hair and make up for my bridesmaids and me and my Mom and Nan. I can’t believe I will have a new surname. That is going to be seriously trippy.

So this is it. I’m getting married. No, it hasn’t sunk in yet…. 


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  1. What beautiful vows. Everyone will be crying and laughing all at once! 🙂

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  2. Just beautiful all around!

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  3. Congratulations !!! My wedding was moved because we wanted travel a little , but still planning the wedding scares me :p where is ur wedding venue and how many guests u have invited ? Omg u must be so busy now, is worst than masters dissertation ? :p

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