Woke up this morning- ever so fatigued  but ready to fight my inner Iago – My inner gladiator poised and ready for battle. 

I have been nominated for the Liebster blog award! I have only been blogging  since September 2015. It feels awesome to have other bloggers read what I have to post. 

Thank you so much for my award Alyssa’s Second life. This blog is so different to what I would usually read and follow. It’s all about a girl connecting and making a life in ‘Second life’. If it sounds too fantastic and impersonal. I can tell you that you are mistaken. 

Here is a quote from one of her posts 


I am free, just like I always was. No one can take this away from me, even if sometimes I create my own chains and I wrap them around my heart and soul. Even then, one word and I’m free again


  • Link back your nominator 

  • Let him  him or her know- leave a comment on their blog

  • Tell  your nominees the rules and  to do the same

  • Name 5 nominees

  • Write  5 things about yourself

It is that simple.  So here are five things about me that  people may not know. 

  1.  I have a Bengal cat -called Tatiana. I also have a daughter who goes to ballet and tap and she has a best friend there. Obviously her Mum and I have to chat and be friendly but the mum’s name is Tatiana and I can’t help but imagine my cat, Tatiana’s face on this poor woman every time I speak to her.

  2. I  worked as a cleaner when I lived in France when I was 18 years old

  3. This is  my second Liebster award 

  4. My aunt passed away from Cancer in February 2015 and when I look at a picture of her I feel nothing. I haven’t made the connection she is not on this planet any more. 

  5. I’m rather good at faking it until I make it. I am rather ambitious.

I want to say thank you to everyone who follows my blog. All 82 of you. It really means a lot to know that what I think resonates with even one person on this planet. 

I am nominating these blogs because I always enjoy reading them and they take an interest in my blog life. 


YAY! it’s Friday.

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  1. Advanced Research Technology

    Gotta love Alyssa. She has a way with making one face real life in virtual reality. Congrats on your Liebster!

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